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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Short Film Corner

From Walk Softly Films

Here is a movie trailer to the film Cannonball.


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Short Film Corner

By Dennis Hurley

Teaser Trailer: The Albino Code

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Dating Grim - Bad Date Video J

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The Deadwind Trailer

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That Damn Bad-Hair Day Bride Video

Unless you've been living under a rock or simply don't give a shit, you may have heard about this video circulating over the Internet about A bride who sees her hair for the first time on her wedding day and repulsed by what she sees. She decides to cut her hair off.

When I first saw this video it looked quite real and kinda funny, But then it was leaked that the bitch in the video who claims she hates her hair is an actress. She's from Canada or something like that. Figures. Anywayz, when I watched the video again after KNOWING it was fake, I realized this fool really can't act. But who cares what I think. The video is doing well, and on YouTube it already has OVER 2 MILLION views and it was just added on January 18th! Pretty phenomenal huh?

Wouldn't that be somethin if YouTube paid each person 1 cent for each time someone views your video? Damn...this broad already banked 200K!

Makes you wanna add some more of your videos on our Short Film Corner blog huh? know you want to. DEW IT. DEW IT.

In case you haven't seen this bore fest of a video, here it is in all its glory. Enjoy. I guess.

Indie Seen Favorite: Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell, can I tell you how much i used to love this girl?
Anybody remember that period in the mid to late 90's when Scream had just come out and became this huge hit, and everybody was talking about the resurgence of the horror genre and Hollywood's new focus on the teenage demographic.
Entertainment weekly, Newsweek and every other publication at the time did articles with titles like "Teen Steam" and the "New Hollywood Brat pack".
then the WB started focusing on angsty whiny teens with issues and Jennifer love hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, And those Dawsons Creek kids became like mega stars over night.
All these 17 magazine cover Kids started Popping up in a different teen-Flick a week: remember The Faculty, She's All that, 10 thing I Hate about you, Disturbing behaviour, Can't hardly Wait?
yeah, yeah you do, and I'm sure you have some of these gems hidden in your DVD collection too .

well one of the earliest insta-stars to come out of that whole craze was Canadian Actress
Neve Campbell.
At the time she was the star of the mega successful Scream Franchise, where she played perennial stalker victim Sydney Prescott, and the Hit Fox series Party of Five (it was All about the third season of Party of Five) which lead to her being honored as "the most believable teenager on television" by Time Magazine.

I think I may have been a bit obsessed with this one at the time. I'm not sure why. she had these cute little quirks about her.
Like she would touch her face all awkwardly in every other scene, or make these weird arm motions during a dramatic moment.
At the time I thought those were Majorly adorable traits, but looking back at it I've come to realize that those were the signs of a Not so good actress. She did basically the same thing in the whole series of P05, The Craft, and the Scream Sequels.

in 1998 she was sick of playing the sweet girl next door roles and went all bad ass in the excellent John Mcnaughton film Wild Things, where she played bisexual schemer Suzie Toller.
that film became most notable for that skinemax moment of a threesome with Denise Richards, Campbell and Matt Dillon in a sleazy hotel room.
The Movie was a guilty pleasure, critics loved it and Neves "Q" went up a few notches.
Not so well received however was her next turn in the abysmal and reportedly heavily altered Disco themed film 54, the film starred Ryan Phillippe as a go-go boy who gets caught up in the drugs and glam of the infamous 1970's club. For a film that took place in the debauchery of 54 it was surprisingly tame and boring. It was a choppy confusing mess and they also reportedly cut out some hot man on man action between Ryan Phillippe and Breckin Meyers in the movie (Blasphemy!!)
In it Neve Campbell played some sort of Soap Actress who becomes Phillippe's love interest.. nevermind the fact that they had absolutely no chemistry together, but the relationship in the film felt tacked on and Wholly unnecessary.
The Film bombed and deservedly so.
Neves next Mistake was as the Female lead in a Mathew Perry comedy
Three to tango.
I personally adored this movie, cause Neve was in it at her awkwardly cute best, but I was able to step back and see that had she not been in the film I would have seen it for what it really was, A predictable schmaltzy Hollywood Rom-Com that wasn't particularly Funny, but props to Oliver platt who costarred as a sassy gay guy, and managed to come away from this one mostly unscathed. (honestly Oliver Platt should play a sassy gay guy in every crappy movie that comes out. It would make it ten times more digestible

Examp: "From Justin to Kelly To Oliver," I love it)

After the End of her television series Party of Five in 2000, Neve saw herself delving into more Independent Film roles, which is always the sign of an actress attempting to be taken seriously. she was rewarded with critically acclaimed turns in "Investigating Sex", Robert Altman's "The Company" and the Henry Bromell film "Panic" opposite William H Macy.
while the critics noted that her technique had been improving remarkably, her lack of a

bona-fide hit movie in some time or particularly interesting personal life lead to the significant Dimming of her star wattage and she basically fell off of every ones Radar.

Neve campbell, is still out there working in indie movie land, I'm not sure if this is now by choice or because she has no other options. but she recently appeared in the James Toback film "When will I be Loved" where she was subjected to Mainly Favorable reviews. ( its also the first movie where she throws away that pesky no nudity clause she had and gets butt ass naked).
she also appears in the straight to video Danny Devito Comedy Relative strangers and is set to costar in the Drama "The Death of Harry Tobin" in 2008.

Honestly I'm not sure where things went wrong with this one, Actually yeah I kind of do. Alot of people I used to confess my love for her too would always complain about how she was so annoying, and couldn't act and had an irritating voice.
Then we'd inevitably get into a heated shouting match about it, in a fit of rage someone would "accidentally" get stabbed with that scissor that was laying on my desk and I would have to hide the bodies. It was an incredibly tacky habit.
but now that i think about it in the beginning she could get a little annoying, no matter what movie i was watching

It was always me watching "Neve Campbell" Act in a movie. (except when it came to her turn in that awful Blind Horizon movie and then it was me falling asleep to Neve Campbell acting in a movie.)

its not to late for Neve to make a comeback, I mean she's still cute, she could go for that whole Sandra bullock awkward leading lady thing, pop up in some goofy romantic comedies.
First of course, she'll have to do Scream 4 to get her name back out there, maybe start Banging Ashton Kutcher or Wilmer Valderlamya or something or get into some asinine feud with Posh spice to get back in to the papers,

(why posh spice?, why not?)
and Viola' she's BACK.
it's that easy!
So Neve. Start Banging and hopefully will be seeing you on the big screen again soon.

Love ya bitch!

P.S. Why are they taking forevez to release season 3 of Party of Five on DVD, I mean WTF!!
Lets get it together people!

SEEN O' The Day: The Lost Boys

Ahhhh remember the 80s? Wasn't life so much simpler back then? I mean the movies that came out of that time period were like fucking instant classics you know what I'm talking about : The Wraith, Short Circuit, Weird Science, 3 o'clock High we all grew up watching these masterpieces. I remember they use to show 'em constantly on channell 11 back before it was the "WB" and they used to just air old movies. Most of them were cheesy as hell, but who cares they were still Aces.

Here's one of my personal favorites: The Lost Boys , bad fucking ass!, they are currently talking about doing a sequel to this one but Whatevezz, its all about the original.

Remember the bathtub scene with lil Corey Haim singing? back when he was still a Hearthrob?

Have you seen Corey now? What the hell happened? Years of Coke parties and cheap hookers have finally caught up with him, and what was the deal with the Other one, the one that used to chill with Michael jackson all the time?
you knoowww that ass got worked out.
Maybe we should write a "Whatever Happened To?" blog about The Coreys!

In the meantime...heres the scene

Indie Pick O' The Day: Me and You and Everyone We Know

Me and You and Everyone We Know
Directed By Miranda July

I have one word to say about this movie: WEIRD. But it's good. It's basically an off-beat, bizarre, comedy with bits and pieces of romance and obsession. Quirky, yet cute in alot of ways, but its certainly an indie film that is unconventional beyond its means and definitely worth seein!

It's pretty cool that one of the stars of the film Miranda July who plays Christine, is also the film's writer and director. She was actually rated by Filmmaker Magazine as #1 in the Top 25 New Faces of Indie Film in 2004. Christine is a cab driver and artist who lives a solitary life. Richard, played by John Hawkes (remember him as the liquor store clerk in From Dusk Till Dawn?) he is a recently divorced father and shoe salesman who's waiting for great things to happen in his life. When his path crosses from Christine's, he's both mesmerized and scared.

There's a pretty intense scene at the beginning in this scene where we see Richard's hand get burned by fire. It looks so real that I cringed and wondered how they made that look like it actually happened! Damn I know a stunt guy didn't do that. There is also an amazing performance by little Brandon Ratcliff who plays Richard's son Robby. When I saw Will Smith's son in Pursuit of Happyness, I thought of this actor, because they look and almost act alike. the movie takes an odd turn when the little six year old Robby meets a stranger over the Internet who has a close tie with Christine...yea, things start gettin a lil freaky.

Overall even though this movie is strange, its worth seeing because the writing and performances are flawless. Even the wardrobe and costumes worn by the character's are off. It speaks magnitudes to the type of film we are about to see. It's good to see films sometime that don't necessarily have a formula. It's good to catch the avant garde "experimental" plot lines that gives a film a type of substance that sparks some curiosity or intrigue. Sometimes the rules of story structure can be thrown out of the window and you can still have a timeless classic.

Indie Seen: News and Gossip

Grindhouse, will be missing scenes when it hits your theatres: Darkhorizons

Is the Factory Girl, Messing with a Bad Boy?: CelebGossip

The Final deals at Sundance Go Down: Variety

And the Sundance Winners Are....?: Variety

Two Hot Mess sightings and Parker Posey!: Defamer

List of Indies Popping up this weekend: IFC News

An interesting little piece on the MPAA's Beef with gay Film: AfterElton

New Fuckers, uh...we mean Focker's movie in Production
CNN News

Great Indie Networking Event!

When: Thursday, February 8, 2007, 7:30 PM
Where: Walter Reade Theater

Lincoln Center - Mezzanine level (use escalator near Amsterdam & 65th st)
New York , NY 10036
212 875-5600

Young Friends of Film Screening to Feature Special Guests and Musical Performance @ the Walter Reade Theater in Lincoln Center

Steve Buscemi, Sam Rockwell and Alexandre Rockwell are ...

"In the Soup" - Feb. 8th @ 7:30pm

$25 admission includes film, popcorn, soda, wine, beer, live band, hors d'oeuvres & door prizes -
LIMITED TICKET AVAILABLE - ORDER NOW HOT LINK for Online Ticketing(you snooze you lose, this is a very popular event).

Additional information about the film or the Young Friends of Film program is available by calling (212) 875-5600 or online at Walter Reade theater/Film Society.

Please Note: Due to construction work taking place around Alice Tully Hall, the only access to the Walter Reade Theater is at 165 West 65th Street close to Amsterdam Avenue. Once there, take the escalator, elevator or stairs up to the upper level.

The Film Society of Lincoln Center is pleased to welcome actors Steve Buscemi and Sam Rockwell and director Alexandre Rockwell to the Walter Reade Theater for a special 15th anniversary screening of their film In the Soup, Feb. 8 at 7:30 p.m., as part of the Film Society?s year-round Young Friends of Film series.

The evening will include the film, an onstage discussion with the special guests, and a catered reception immediately following with a live performance by singer Michael Leviton.

Buscemi stars in the film, which screened at the 1992 New York Film Festival.

A depressed and obsessive screenwriter named Adolpho Rollo (Buscemi) cannot get his love interest (
Jennifer Beals) to do more than notice him. Dejected, he turns to Joe (Seymour Cassell), a gregarious investor, as a last-ditch effort to produce his 800-page script. Veteran actor Cassell earned Sundance's Best Actor award for his endearing and hilarious performance.

Tickets for the Young Friends of Film screening of In the Soup are $25 for the general public and include the screening and the reception afterward.

Young Friends of Film is a membership program at the Film Society, designed for film enthusiasts ages 21-40. Screening classic films from past New York Film Festivals and New Directors/New Films series, paired with special guest speakers and after-screening parties, Young Friends of Film events allow younger generations of moviegoers firsthand access to the remarkable films they may not have had the chance to see on the big screen.

Recent events included screenings of Robert Benton's "Bad Company" and Werner Herzog's "Nosferatu," with recent appearances from Benton, Crispin Glover, Matt Dillon and at a preview screening of his third directorial effort, "Lonesome Jim," Steve Buscemi.

About The
Film Society of Lincoln Center

Best known for two world-class international festivals: the New York Film Festival (Sep. 28 - Oct. 14, 2007), and New Directors/New Films (Mar. 21 - Apr. 1, 2007, co-presented by the Department of Film at the Museum of Modern Art), the Film Society operates the Walter Reade Theater and publishes Film Comment magazine.

The Film Society presents year-round programming at the Walter Reade Theater that includes premieres of new films from an international roster of established and emerging directors; major retrospectives; in-depth symposia and high profile events.

Afterchat (& Party) will be in the gallery area of the Walter Reade theater. If you are a late arrival just look for the guy with the MEETUP sign. Seats go fast so try to arrive by 7pm to sit with the group (I will be holding seats for the MEETUP until forced to release them, so be early).

Se7en Recut

Brad and Morgan are in love!

Play Catch Up This Weekend With Oscar Nominated Films


Being the avid film buff that you are, we know you were up bright and early to catch the Academy Award nominations last week. But knowing who was nominated isn't enough: now you need to see the films you missed and revisit the ones you liked.

Clearview Cinemas, known for its clever and extensive film series, is proud to showcase many of the nominated films this weekend. So, if you happened to miss movies like The Departed, Babel, The Queen or Letters from Iwo Jima, Clearview has you covered with screenings of each film. Plus, Clearview will be showing a number of films that highlight the performances of nominated Best Actors, like Peter O'Toole in Venus, Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland and Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness, as well as Best Actresses Penelope Cruz in Volver , Judi Dench in Notes on a Scandal and Kate Winslet in Little Children.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sundays In The City: March Madness Movie Marathon

Sundays in the City: March Movie Marathon 2007 Call for Entries

Sundays in the City: March Movie Marathon is a film and animation screening series. Now in its third year, the series is looking for short films and short animation films to screen.

If you are a filmmaker or animator and have a short film that you'd like to screen in Manhattan, please visit the website for a submission form:

Deadline for all filmmakers and animators is February 16.

Ya Gotta Love The New York Times

Aaahh we love these guys. We love you so much for hyping up a movie that WE KNOW will be a hit! A movie that will resonate with audiences for years and years to come. Trust us when we say this!!! Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodgriguez are GODS! Well, at least I'd like to think so. Anywayz, so The New York Times published an article this week about the upcoming film. Its release date is not scheduled until April 6th of this year, but its so huge its worth writing and talking about NOW!

HYPE/HATE for January 30, 2007

......................... around the world and a back snap
By HP McHatey

Welcome back to HYPE/HATE, where we find out what dumb things linger in my mind about recent movies I have seen while sitting on my fat ass!! I will be setting the Hype/Hate rating system as the greatest ratings system since Men on Film’s. To tell the truth, I feel like I’m ripping them off but oh well……….. Today we start off with my favorite dystopian futuristic tale…………..

Children of Men- Let me start off by saying that I have gone on the posts of IMDB to read about how people are hyping/hating this movie. Let me tell you…… we are living in the greatest times when you can actually give your dumb ass opinions about any damn thing!! Wait a sec……. Is that what I’m doing now? YES IT IS!! Whateva, cuz I will do what I want. This movie was so great that when you watch it in the theaters you’re almost crapping your pants cuz the explosions are so God damn loud. I won’t ruin the movie but there was a scene that looked so friggin’ real, I vomited my pretzel bites on my girlfriend. It was a beautiful scene though, and the end made me think about what my life would be like if I was friends with Clive Owen. It would probably be pretty cool.
-HYPE what yo mamma gave ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Borat- Listen, I don’t mean to sound Too Cool For School or something, but I thought it was funnier when it was on HBO. The jokes were fresh, and didn’t have the attachment of being played out by Middle American white kids who impersonate him while I play against them online with my Xbox 360. Ok that’s a nerdy comment, but it’s fucked up that these kids impersonate him, and then end up calling me “jew” with their real voices! WTF! I’m not Jewish, but if I was, it would be pretty cool to have one of those Hassidic dude’s hats cuz they look like Wyatt Earp or some shit. Those online kids are god damn jerks. OK, enough rantifying, the movie was ok, and seeing the fat guy’s hairy ass on Borat’s face was pretty awesome. Wowaweewa.
-HYPE’d kind of, but HYPE the shit out of the original sketches.

The Descent- It was cool watching all these bitches duke (not dyke) it out against some ugly ass monsters. I swear to god, the first time I saw those white pieces of shit flying out at those women, it made me feel like those chicks fucked up for the last time. I mean c’mon, you really gone’ go down there tryin’ act a fool? PUHLEASE! I dig the feminist undertones too. But I wouldn’t want to go into a giant vagina if it had those things coming out of it.

The Illusionist- I normally love watching any piece of crap Eddie Norton makes. This one however, made me feel like he punched me in the face and made me smell a bum’s asshole. It was funny too cuz I was kinda into it at first. I wanted to know the secret of The Orange Tree just as much as PIG VOMIT. That’s a Howard Stern reference for those who aren’t complete tools like I am. Seriously though, as this movie kept going, I was wondering why they fuck I was putting up with this dumb ass shit till the “surprise end”. Long story short, fuck happy endings, they only make you realize what a jerk you were for following the story.

United 93- HAAAAAAAAAATED IT! Just kidding, however, this movie was kind of a bore fest until the end, and then it made me cry like a little bitch. All the Muslim dudes and the white people freaked me out. IT WAS Too real for me. It was a great story, but too much of this “hey what did you have to eat today?” conversating. It made me feel like slapping all the non-famous people in this movie.
HYPE IT for its realness, nah mean!

Beowulf and Grendel- Man this movie was a fucking turd waiting to come out of the director’s butt. The whole time I was thinking to myself “Man, there are going to be so many awesome fighting scenes in this piece!” but all I get is Grendel pissing on the soldier’s fort. C’mon man, you didn’t have to make this shit into Animal House. The part where Grendel’s arm gets ripped off is pretty crazy. And how the hell does a normal girl have sex with him, that shit was so weird. He busted like after a second too, that’s some ole’ bullshit.

That’s it folks! Tune for more shitty reviews on HYPE/HATE and remember, I have three words for how I feel about you readers: FAB YOU LOUS!!!! Don’t hate me cuz I’M beautiful. Two snaps around the back my nerds!

SEEN O' The Day: Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction

Directed by the greatest filmmaker of all time....QUENTIN TARANTINO

This is by far the best scene in this film and the scene that gave Samuel L. Jackson his Oscar nomination. Jules Winnfield was cool as hell in this scene.

Indie Pick O The Day: The Good Girl

Directed By Miguel Arteta

What a great movie. It's a sweet moderate paced romantic comedy about a girl Justine (Jennifer Aniston) who wants to start a family with her husband Phil played by John C. Reilly. Unfortunately, Justine is unable to have children. She's frustrated with her marriage, her job, and her life and meets the always-so-hot Jake Gyllenhaal (Holden). She OF COURSE falls for him instantly and the two share a passionate love affair. Its a whole new world for her and OF COURSE a sexual awakening in which she becomes submerged in her love for Holden and later sees the circumstances of her extramarital affair and where it soon leads them.

It's cute, quirky, funny, and honest. Each of the characters are unique in their own way, and completely eccentric. Yet you feel as if you can relate to them at some capacity. The film was well written and a the direction was flawless. Quite honestly, anyone can find themselves in the same situation as Justine and maybe some of us already have but are afraid to admit it. The story speaks to living your life to the fullest and ignoring the consequences of your long as it is with "good" intentions.

Rosario Dawson: She Been Brought Sexy Back

She's from New York City, she's sexy, she can act, and she dated one of the hottest actors in Hollywood. Too bad they broke up...

She's Rosario Dawson.

We dig this chick, and she's had some plum roles so far. Damn remember when she was in Kids as the slutty girl who couldn't get enough sex? Then she's went on to star in NYC based films such as King Of The Jungle, Men In Black 2, 25th Hour, Sidewalks Of New York, and Rent.

Look for her in Quentin Tarrantino and Robert Rodriguez upcoming genre flick: Grindhouse!

She was sexy as hell in Sin City too. I mean look at that!
tounge, ( I'm sure the ladies just LOVE that)
Sexy and sultry as hell, she is the Next Hollywood star!

IndieSeen sexy bitch shoutout to Rosaaaarrrrio!

IndieSeen Favorite: Gus Van Sant

Gus Van Sant is one of those directors we can appreciate because his career has had hits and misses. And isn't that what this industry is all about? You can't get it right all the time, but Van Sant's films has certainly made an imprint on the conscience of young filmmakers everywhere.

It all started with an indie film called Drugstore Cowboy. Van Sant wrote and directed this edgy black romatic comedy about a group of drug addicts who are so desperate for their fix that decide to live a life of crime by robbing drug stores. The film stars Matt Dillion and Kelly Lynch as a heroin driven duo that gets their "stash" by any means necessary.

Then he made a phenomenal indie drama called My Own Private Idaho. The film starring Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix (in one of his finest perfromances) as two hustlers who prostitute themselves on the streets and are also addicted to drugs. There is a homoerotic relationship between the two chracters which was quite controversial at the time of the film's release. However the film did critically well and is now considered to be a cult classic.

Van Sant had some misses with films such as Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, and he recast Matt Dillion again with Nicole Kidman in the film To Die For (which starred River Phoenix's brother Joaquin Phoenix). Then Gus Van Sant made an ultimate mistake by making a risky decision to remake Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller Psycho. Instead of shooting it as a remake, he basically regurgitated the original version and filmed it "shot-for-shot" as Hitchcock had back in 1960. The film was an utter disaster and was detested by movie critics.

He made a comeback though and directed Good Will Hunting. Van Sant was nominated for an Oscar for Best Director in 1998. He's continued on to make films like Finding Forrester and the ever-so-controversial Elephant that is based on the 1999 Columbine shootings. The film can be quite disturbing, for there is barely any dialogue, and instead probes into the minds of these two kids who decide to shoot up their high school. Most of the film is actually improvised by the actors.

What is quintessential about his movies are that they deal with teen angst. Typically young adults coming of age trying to find out who they are and where their place is in life. He's not afriad to tap deep into the minds of youth and visualize their experiences on the big screen. We need more directors like Van Sant to express our ideas and our thoughts. So therefore, he is an NYIndieSeen Favorite.

Brokeback To The Future

Most of yall have already seen this. But its so good, its worth seein again. The recut to Back 2 The Future with a "Brokeback" spin on it!


Harry Potter is a fucking babe:

Sacha Baron Cohen gets Sued...AGAIN: AOL News

T.R. Knight may leave Grey's Anatomy?? Nooooo!! :AOL News

Moesha might be heading to OZ: Fox News

Diddy seen coming out of Sienna Miller's slutty NYC hotel room:

Rachel McAdams being sought to replace Katie Holmes weak performance as Batman's love interest: Actress Archives

Monday, January 29, 2007

Hype/Hate For January 29, 2007

What a Fucking Jerk
By H.P. McHatey

Welcome to Hype/Hate folks! The way the game is played is that I give you very short asinine comments about recent films I have seen. They are followed by the ULTIMATE rating system…….. THE HYPE/HATE Rating system!!!! If I like a movie it gets my HYPE, but if it sucks donkey balls, I send in the haters to call out “HATE, HATE, HATE!!!” on dat azz. Let me know what you think. I wont hate on anyone who thinks my opinions are really shitty, but I will love you if you love reading my shit. It’s all good MY NERDS!!!!!!! We’re all here to have fun, and maybe learn a little something. And now we begin with the wonderful world of Joss Whedon in………

Serenity- The way to watch this movie is in two separate parts. The first part of the film should be watched with apprehension thinking about whether this movie will be better than his writing on Astonishing X-Men. The second part should be watched thinking what a big fucking nerd you are for comparing these two things and realizing that maybe you should find something else to do besides thinking about what Joss Whedon needs to improve in this movie to make it more “Buffy-like”. –HYPE IT!!!

Miami Vice- I thought this movie was Fantastico!!! You get Michael Mann and Jamie Foxx together again to make another awesome film!! One of my few qualms about this movie is why Jamie Foxx couldn’t drive the awesome cars. Why does that JerkStore, Colin Ferrett have to drive. Racist producers! Foxx would’ve looked way cooler driving but whatevs. – HYPE THIS SHIT!!!

Little Miss Sunshine- Call me a douche, but this movie was too fhaaaaaaaacking cute!
That sweet girl made me giggle like a little bitch so many times. That Arkin dude was hilarious, and I never wanna see that guy from The Office look so sad ever AGAIN!!!

Hard Candy- I will have to apologize to any Indieseen writers who like this movie, cuz I think there’s pics of the DVD cover on the site, but this movie made me want to hang that little girl in the movie. What a creepy little bitch!! But not because I was scared of her but because of the way her DumbAss lips looked. They looked like she was eating lemons while she was taking a shit! Aside from the dumbass acting and that fucking girl annoying the hell out of me, this movie was fucking retarded. You would think the NutSACk cutting scene would make me cringe, but it just made me think about how much she needed to get her ass beat for having such a painfully hard face to watch. She was kinda cute though.

That’s all for this installment of HYPE/HATE!! I will periodically be HYPING or HATING on any films my lazy ass gets to watch. For now, peace out my nerds! And remember: Don’t HYPE/HATE it unless you really care about it.

KFedz Commercial Leaked

Ok, so one of our NYIndieSeen Stafferz looooves KFed. She'll have another one f his ill-legitmate kids if she could...

Well here is the KFed Superbowl commercial that has been leaked on the net and yall gotz to see this! Damn KFed is fine as hell....all dirty and trailer trash-like. Luv it!

Indie Seen Pic 'O' the day

Kill Bill?, yeah that was a cool movie
but you want Bad ASS? , I'll give ya bad ass.

its' called Oldboy

Oldboy is a South Korean flick directed by Park Chan-wook.

Released in 2003, the movie is about a man who is kidnapped, and locked in a room for 15 years by a faceless Culprit.
one day he wakes up released from his prison. Now he becomes determined to find the Person who imprisoned him.

thats All Im gonna say about this one,
So take it, chew it, Swallow it down ( all of it) and Love it.

uhhhh, Your welcome!

Shining: The Director's Cut

Here's an exclusive courtesy of us here at NYIndieSeen again...

There has been a Director's Cut of The Shining that is set to be released. We actually have the movie trailer for all of you to see. If you thought the original Shining was disturbing, wait until you see this!

IndieSeen Favorite: Jennifer Beals

I never really understood why the Goddess Jennifer Beals wasn't a much bigger star than she is. I mean, she's a great fucking actress;
she's Gorgeous, like-able and intelligent. She has this sort of calming effect when she speaks.
I hear that stern but comforting Beals voice and it makes me feel that all is right with the world. she soothes, like calamine Lotion, or a nice spliff.
Yet somehow, since her breakout turn as an aspiring dancer in the now Iconic, 1983 film: Flashdance, the leading lady spot-light has eluded her.

Since Flashdance she has consecutively delivered solid performances in lower budget indie films like: :'In the soup", "the Aanniversary Party', or "Roger Dodger".
she's also had smaller knockout roles in bigger budget pictures like "Devil in a blue Dress" ( where she smoldered) and John Grishams "Runaway jury."
yeah there's been some stinkers, the Prophecy 2, Catch that kid, but dammit if she was offered the better roles that she deserves, then she wouldn't have to settle for that sort of dreck.
She's too good for it.

Many people have only recently gotten to see how amazing she is as an actress; subtle , intense, incredibly natural, thanks to the hit (and unfortunately shark Jumped since season 2), lesbian drama the L-Word, where she plays the tough as nails Bette porter.
In my opinion she's always been the best thing about the show, ( that, and all the hot girl-on-girl action, Oh and Foxy Brown).

I've tried to understand why the bigger roles have'nt come flooding to her thus far, this woman has been in the game for over 20 years and it's still a pleasure to see her name unexpectedly appear in the credits of a film I'm watching.
She is Joy, she is a breath of fresh highly talented Air.

I cant possibly comprehend why somebody like Renee zellweger can annoyingly pout and squint her way into super stardom, but my girl Jen can't catch a break.

Whats the damn problem?,
is it a racial thing? is there an issue with placing a biracial actress into leading roles?
is she not black enough?, Not white enough?
is their worry that there isn't a big enough audience to identify with her, and eventually want to support her films?
Well I'm gonna take this time to officially put out there, that I am willing to support any damn thing, the bealster shows up in. ANYTHING, I don't care what it is.

This fabulous bitch could show up in the next Adam Sander meets Dane Cook meets Andy dick Meets the Wayne's brothers meets Louie Anderson meets Carrot top meets Jamie Kennedy, Meets Jessica Simpson Irritata-Palooza road trip buddy comedy and I would still be there front and center of the isles with my popcorn and sour patch kids rearing to Go.

Maybe she just has crappy representation, Whatever the case, this beautiful queen deserves much better, She Needs to have an Oscar hanging on her mantel in her home, period.
She deserves it for being so bloody fabulous,

When is the damn academy; going to start taking my One man letter writing campaign, to add a Most fabulous Bitch category seriously?
I mean geeez Ben, fucking, Affleck has an Oscar (sorry Jamie).
surely they can find someway to get one to tha Beals.
Maybe then those Bridget Jones roles will finally come calling.

cause we know that they're sure as hell overdue.

Whatever Happened To? Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze. Yum. Whenever you think of the name Patrick Swayze only one movie comes to mind....Dirty Dancing. The film is not really known for being an indie per se, but its a film that stays indelibly printed of the minds of filmLovers everywhere. We think of Johnny Castle and poor little naiive Baby making out in the dance studio and seeing them dance up a storm at in the final scene of the movie.

But our question here at NYIndieSeen is: What happened to Patrick Swayze?

Well he came out with a few hits after that. Remember Next Of Kin? Or the famous booty scene in Roadhouse? Ok ok, well maybe this one will jog your about Ghost? Now we're talkin. Well it seems like after he hit the skinz with Demi in that movie his career sorta...plummeted. Damn I guess Demi does have that effect on people...just look at Ashton Kutcher's career.

Well he did come back with that awesome surfer movie Point Break, but then Keanu said that line in the movie that will later become Patick Swayze's own fate...."He's Not Comin Back". And you know what? Swayze never came back? He left without telling us. Where did you go baby?

He did make some attempts at indie flicks such as Black Dog, Letters From A Killer, and Donnie Darko. He made an appearnace in the revolting film as a dance instructor in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Uggh! How could he do that?!? Then he just sorta fell off. Why? We liked you? You looked sexy in those tight azz black spandex. Oh wellz.

What Really Happened To Patrick Swayze?

He got Old.

Jeremy Piven: Why Do We Care?

Now NYIndieSeen is not all about spilling a bunch a haterade on Hollywood actors and the Film industry, but we just question why Jeremy Piven is someone is Hollywood that has a career? Why do we care about this guy?
Is it because of Entourage?
Damn why did that show have to come into existence?
Remember when he was making fall out craptacular hits like PCU and Judgement Night? Nobody gave a shit about him then? So why should we care now? And now he's dissin on his old pal John Cusack!?! What the hell is that all about?

If it weren't for Cusack, Jeremy Piven would be a N-O-B-O-D-Y in this biz. Pivster, u aint all that! Well at least we know that in order to make it in Hollywood you don't have to be well liked...or even have a talent to act. He plays himself in every role "the sarcastic-condescending-prick". Maybe he's playing Himself?? Could be. But he's just another actor in this biz that is taking up some poor talented Julliard-schooled humble-down-to-earth-sweet-charismatic-ATTRACTIVE actor who deserves to be SEEN. O wellz. Too bad Sopranos are in their final season on HBO.

SEEN O' The Day: Dazed And Confused

Dazed and Confused
Directed By Richard Linklater

It's not about the scene necessarily that we love about this movie moment, but it's Matthew McConaughey's quote in this scene. So classic! And damn look at them tight ass pants!

Indie seen Favorite: Donald faison.

Well, cant really say i've seen him in too many independent Movies.

Uhhhh, he was good in Clueless and in the film Something New,

we just wanted to give him a shout out because he's so great on Scrubs (which we adore)

and he's got that killer smile.

Go' head wit your fine ass

I'd hit it sooo many ways
ok, back to our regularly scheduled program

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