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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fresh Blood On The Indie Circuit: Oscar Isaac

Title: Oscar Isaac

Stats: Born in Guatemala in 1980. A 2005 graduate of the Juilliard School.

Why NYIndieSeen Cares: Becuz I caught a first hand account of his acting onstage playing Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. This was in Manhattan's renowned Shakepeare In The Park!

Isaac's first major film role is as Joseph opposite Keisha Castle-Hughes in the film The Nativity Story. He just wrapped shooting on the Che Guevara biopic Guerrilla. In addition to movie appearances, he made an appearance in the television series Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

As far as his performance in theater. He's on point. He has an amazing voice for the stage and he needs to be in more indie films. He's currently rumored to be dating Rosario Dawson.

"How come she always gets the good ones?!?" (Coming To America reference)

Lionz N' The Hood

This is by far the funniest recut Trailer Trash yet! Honestly, this trailer had me laughin my ass off! Damn I'm still laughing out loud as I'm typing this. It ain't easy livin in the hakuna matata to that mutha f&#er!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Call For Entries

Call For Entries - Film, Television & Videography
The Accolade

Deadline: July 20


The Accolade is a nontraditional, virtual venue with seasonal deadlines that allow timely online publicity opportunities for filmmakers, television producers and videographers. It is a top tier, international awards competition in its fifth year. The Accolade receives entries from all over the world. The awards go to those filmmakers, television producers and videographers who produce fresh, standout entertainment, animation and compelling documentaries.
Since The Accolade is not a traditional festival, it gains eyeballs for winners online through its website, press releases and blasts to its email database of more than 25,000 producers, distributors and buyers. The Accolade is an award known to buyers and distributors and gives them confidence that winning productions are of high quality.

There are three levels of awards, all based on quality and creativity: Best of Show, Awards of Excellence and Honorable Mention. Annually, a special award is given to a production that makes a significant contribution to social change or a humanitarian effort.

Winners benefit as The Accolade team works passionately to help worthy productions gain the publicity and distribution they deserve. Clips of the Best of Show productions are streamed on The Accolade website. All Award of Excellence and Honorable Mention winners have a listing with a link to their website if requested. Every filmmaker, television producer and videographer wants credibility and buzz, and that is what The Accolade is all about! It is a showcase for cinematic gems and unique voices.

Please submit your production by July 20.

Go here for
rules and entry form.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Guilty Pleasure SEEN O' The Day

Don't act like yall don't know about this movie. This is by far one of the BEST guilty pleasure films of ALL time! Sometimes I wish cheesy craptacular films like this were still made.

Well, I guess we always have a Mariah Carey movie to look forward to.

Check out this clip from Killer Klowns From Outer Space:

I SEENtz You!

Adrien Brody's fine ass was spotted at 23rd and Park Ave South. Damn! I probably passed right by him!!

Ron Livingston was seen at a Cafe on 73 E Houston St. Was Berger eating a a burger?? Yea, that was mad corny.

Lucy Liu was at 210 W 10th St. Just finishing up the Sex N The City knockoff Cashmere Mafia.

Scary Spice's Babidaddy was seen at 59th and 5th Ave wishing to gawd that he shouldn't have made Daddy Day Care.

Leonardo DiCaprio at 110 Waverly Place looking good like the fine specimen that he is.

NYIndieSeen Movie Review: Oil & Water

The movie Oil & Water stars Rosemary Gore as Gabby, a Hollywood gossip columnist, who finds herself in a compromising situation with Dan Lake played by Peter LaVilla. The two are exactly like the film's title...they're oil and water and their chemistry together as hosts of a show called "Movie/Celebrities" just don't mix.

After some major backbiting between the two they realize that their animosity towards one another is really just sexual tension, and the two find that they are attracted to one another. The production secretary at the show named LuLu seems oddly attracted to BOTH Gabby and Dan. Unfortunately there is no hot girl-on-girl action that occurs between the two. Or any hot threesome action for that matter.

Rosemary Gore just so happen to share the same surname as our former Vice President. She ALSO just so happens to be his distant cousin. Awesome.

The film has its opportunities. It's my nice way of saying there is room for improvement in some scenes. The production value falls flat when boom shadows are caught in some scenes and audio levels change from shot to shot. The DP could have done a better job in lighting some locations a little better too. The acting is a little stiff, but I can see some major potential from these players.

I must admit, the Dan Lake character has a great look for film. So does the Marty Resnick character--he should totally play the role of Andy Warhol one day. Rosemary herself is great to look at and it's a good effort by all.

The film is in distribution and you can check the red links in this blog for more information.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Free Movie Screening: Talk To Me

Free Preview Screening of
Universal Pictures
Focus Features'
invites you to RSVP and join us at Regal Union Square Theater, Wednesday June 27th at 8:00PM.

Remember: First Come First Serve

Academy Award nominee Don Cheadle portrays the one and only Ralph Waldo “Petey” Greene Jr.; Petey’s story is funny, dramatic, inspiring - and real. In the mid-to-late 1960s, in Washington, D.C., vibrant soul music and exploding social consciousness were combining to unique and powerful effect. It was the place and time for Petey to fully express himself - sometimes to outrageous effect - and “tell it like it is.” With the support of his irrepressible and tempestuous girlfriend Vernell (Taraji P. Henson), the newly minted ex-con talks his way into an on-air radio gig.

Free with RSVP
Cost: FREE with RSVP

Check out the movie trailer:

Batman Begins: Alfred and Bruce

Awwwzzz....this is a trailer recut to look like a sentimental heartwarming story behind the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Alfred the Butler. I like it...and for once there's no Brokeback spin on the editing:


Evan Almighty's opening numbers sucked this weekend: New York Times

Christina Aguilera wants to act. Hmmm will it be the next Glitter? Or Crossroads?: MTV

Brett Ratner wants to do Hugh Hefner: Darkhorizons

Tom Sizemore gets arrested....again.: Actress Archives

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Let me tell you bout yo' self: Isaiah Washington

I just want ALL yall to know that this sistah right here only rides a wit a manual transmission, you know what I'm sayin? So when my gurl Tawandala wanted to take me to the Gay Pride Parade this weekend I was like..."hell to tha naw!"

But what should I happen to notice while watchin VH-1's Charm School ?(dem crazee chickenheads) I saw a news piece bout Isaiah Washington gettin all outta whack cuz he got fired from dat Grey's Anatomy joint.

I mean, I really never watched da show and never got what the whole big deal wit why so many folks like seein it. But I'm bout TYED a listenin to the news about him and da white dude TR Knight talkin about how the F word got used and he's against gay folks an all dat. I'ma keep it real, when I first heard about what happened, I wanted to look out for a brotha, cuz how many black doctors do you see on TV these days? And many black heart surgeons?? ZACTLY.

So then I decidez to read up on what's happenin cuz he used the F word again at da Golden Globes..that's when I was like...alll heeelll naw! I was thinkin I'm sorry brotha but you done put yo foot in yo mouth and now itz time ta go! Okaaayy? So even tho he went to rehab, made a public apology on a PSA, and supposedly worked wit Gay activists on for community work, I STILL wanted his ass fired!

Then Shonda (sista gurl) decides to be bold and let him go. Bout damn time! Now the brotha coulda just walked away quietly and hooked up wit his boy Spike Lee and do anotha movie. I mean damn how many Spike Lee movies has Isaiah been in anyway?

But what does this brotha decide to do??? He goes out on a rant (yea das my big word for tha day) and decides to call out TR Knight and tell the world that HE was the one that started this all in tha first place. That the cute lil gay boy conspired (mmm hmm Ima on a roll today) against him to get fired from the beginning and he was using the gay slur as a means to let him go.

Wha?? I mean is he forreal? I'm sorry Isaiah but you put yo foot in yo mouth not once but TWICE. Then you got that blond gurl from that Knocked Up movie sayin that you was wrong for callin her boy Knight dem names. You see what happens?

Isaiah---do us ALL a favor. Shut your ass up! Just don't speak. Cuz it seems like everytime you speak, you dig yoself in a deeper grave than before. Why don't start a career as a mime? They don't talk. It may do you some good brotha. And before you go why don't you roll wit me and my gurl Tawandala and go to tha Gay Pride Parade this weekend. I decided after writin you this letta that I'ma go. I'm here in NYC right now. Why don't u just hop on a jet from L.A. and come wit me to help redeem yoself.

I'm sure there's some fine brothas there. Even know we all know you don't roll dat way.

Truly Yours : Shaniqua, Alvarez, Jenkins

You NEW We NEW we All NEW for NEWS NEWS!

Who can hold a screen on his own in a confined space for 94 minutes?: The New York Sun

AFI has a new Top 100 list....and Fargo was removed??? WTF??: The Cinematical

Does anyone wanna interview Paris Hilton?? No network will touch her: L.A. Times

As Maury Povich would say..."YOU ARE THE FATHER"!: New York Daily News

A shitty $10 plastic bag sells on Ebay for $400 buckaroonies!: Underwire

Ex Grey's Anatomy star INSISTS that he was wrongfully terminated: Forbes

The Matrix: A Love Story

Remember Trailer Trash?? It's BAAAACCKK! This is a pretty clever one and recut very well. It's The Matrix recut as a love story. And whom may you ask is Neo in love with? We'll give you a ain't Trinity.

Attention NYIndieSeen Readers!!!

Okay, we fugged up. Apparently there was a setting on the blog that disables readers from commenting UNLESS you were a member of this blog. So we're sorry about that yall. We REALLY do welcome your comments! Our email address is listed here on the blog as well, so if you have any questions let us know.

Any feedback you have about how we can improve the site let us know! Tell us!!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Don't Be Scurrred!

Well you may be if you plan on taking a trip out to Astoria's Museum of The Moving Image. It started on June 16th the summer series aptly titled:


You can watch movies from Dawn Of The Dead, High Tension, and 28 Weeks Later at this venue.

Check out this link for details

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Show Of The Summa

This show is the shizNIT! So appreantly during the summer months there is very little intellectually stimulating programming on TV....well there ain't if you have HBO!

I mean, I don't even know why it took me so damn long to get into this show, but this show is BANGIN! It's really intuitive into the world of Hollywood and the life of celebrity. I LOVE the Kevin Dillion character Johnny "Drama" Chase. This dlister actor riding on the coat tails of his super star brother Vincent Chase---I personally refer to him as "sexy ass".

Adrien Grenier is hot! A friend of mine saw him once in person here and she told me he's even hotter in person...

Don't doubt that for a minute.

Did yall see Sunday's last episode? My cure for The Sopranos is now ENTOURAGE.

Thank you HBO for giving me a reason to hang onto my subscription.

The show airs every Sunday nite at 9p.m. on HBO

Newbish Stuff

Julia Roberts had a baby! Hope they learn to shave their underarm hair!: Actress Archives

Don't wanna pay to see Micheal Moore's Sicko?? It's on YouTube for ya: Reuters

Buffy got arrested yall:

I'm so glad those View bitches loss to Ellen: ET

Britney all the sudden now wants to sue over defamation of her bald head on a morning radio shock jock billboard...awww lawd!!: TMZ

Summer In The City!

Feel like skippin out at work this week? Go to Bryant Park this summer and soak up some sun while watching your favorite movies. Here is the list of movies showing!


Annie Hall
5:00pm–11:00pm The Lawnpresented with Citi

The Thing - From Another World
5:00pm–11:00pm The Lawnpresented with Citi

Paper Moon
5:00pm–11:00pm The Lawnpresented with Citi

Wait Until Dark
5:00pm–11:00pm The Lawnpresented with Citi

To Sir, With Love
5:00pm–11:00pm The Lawnpresented with Citi

The Sting
5:00pm–11:00pm The Lawnpresented with Citi

All The King's Men
5:00pm–11:00pm The Lawnpresented with Citi

5:00pm–11:00pm The Lawnpresented with Citi

5:00pm–11:00pm The Lawnpresented with Citi

For more info go to:

Saturday, June 16, 2007

On A Shoestring Budget?

But you wanna watch a movie anyway?

Check out the Tribeca Drive-In™ at Rockefeller Center.

Seating for the event will open at 6:00pm daily and the movies will begin at 9:00pm. Cast and filmmakers alike will be on hand to introduce the films. Admission is free, but seats are limited. Screenings will take place rain or shine. Please enter at 49th Street. Sponsors include Dodge and In Style Magazine.

Some film noir flick with Lucy Liu and Cillian Murphy will be presented this week...ya never know they may come thru and talk about it.

Somethin to do yall...and hell, it's FREE.

For more info go to

Coffee, Chocolate, and Wine...A Nice Combo

So are you busy working on your latest screenplay but you roommates are making too much noise for you to focus?? Do you need something to whet your appetite while you get your creative juices flowing? Need a place for a meeting with a fellow filmmaker?

Look no more. Check out Cocoa Bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Located at: 228 7th avenue (between 3rd and 4th street)
It's cool casual and the pastries are delish! I'ts better to go in the evening rather than the day, cuz alot of Park Slope mommies and daddies like to bring their kids---which can be obviously distracting.
But if you need a glass of wine to relax or a cup of java to energize this is the place to be.

A new one just popped up in Manhattan! Yes! It's located at: 21 Clinton Street New York, NY 10002 (between Houston and Stanton)(212) 677 7417

Ain't Seen The News On This Blog In A Minute...

Fantastic Four Movie Review--you mean didn't suck???: Cinematical

Good sapphic TV show host hopes Paris Hilton changes--Women in Prison Part 2!!: Washington Post

Another article about The Sopranos' gay ass ending: New York Times

Batman's (not exactly anatomically correct) new suit!: Dlisted

Indie Film Folks...Check It OUT!

Interested in independent filmmaking? The UCLA Extension Film, Television & Digital Entertainment Media program, is offering an online course entitled "Micro-Budget Features: Total Control and Maximum Profit" from June 25th - September 17th, 2007.

Instructors Roger Soffer & Christian Ford focus on the realities of the emrging micro-budget marketplace (films budgeted at $150K-$350K) and the steps required to develop, produce and profit from a professional-grade micro-budget feature.

See the full course description here:[ ], or visit the UCLA Extension website:

Have Some Drinx and Network

Wednesday, June 20th 6:30-10:30PM at Proof
hosted bySCENE Film & Media

SCENE Film & Media AfterDark, Lazy Limabean's business networking lab where New York City's film & media industries converge.SCENE AfterDark is a place for people from Media, Arts & Entertainment to meet with peers, share ideas and develop friendships with the goal of assisting each other in both professional & personal goals.

Location: MANTRA, 986 Second Ave., (bet. 52nd & 53rd Sts.), New York, NY 10022
Only $10Pre-Register online to get entered to win 1GB iPOD Shuffle*


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Don't Take A Cab...Catch The Train!


Blogumentary Time: Sicko!

Michael Moore does it again. He comes out wit a one-sided bias documentary about a controversial issue that effects every American. This one is called Sicko. I have to say though, I've watched Moore's infotainment documentaries over the years, and I have yet to see Sicko, but something tells me that this is probably one of his most honest films to date.

Lets put aside partisan politics for awhile and focus on an issues that effect ALL of us.


We're not tryin to get all political on this blog, but it kinda sucks to know that even those of us who carry health insurance, we may not be "fully covered" by our insurance company. Unfortunately insurance companies take a loss of they focus more on patient care rather than profit coverage. So that's what Moore set out to do in this documentary. It illustrates how we as Americans who live in the wealthiest country in the world has by far the worst health care. Which sux ass if you ask me.

It will be released soon and I'm sure it will be just as controversial as Fahrenheit 9/11...well maybe not THAT controversial. But just the same, it will provoke conversation.

Like him or hate him, Moore knows what the hell he's doing by making movies that calls attention to the general public.