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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Whas Happenin Man??

Win a free screening to see Rob Zombie's new flick: New York Daily News

Ang Lee's new film Lust Caution gets an NC-17 rating..NICE: L.A. Times

Leonardo DiCaprio predicts the Apocalypse. Seriously: M&C

High School Musical part 2?? Did anyone see the first one??: CBS News

Jodie Foster now in a renegade revenge-driven action flick?? Whoda thunk it?: Cinema Blend

10 Reasons I Like Shia LaBeouf

1. He's hot.

2. He's got a corny yet still cool sense of humor which I likez.

3. His parents are hippies.

4. He can take a bottle of Hypnotic to tha head

5. He's hot.

6. He was in that Project Greenlight movie "Battle Of Shaker Heights" and was so excited about being in a craptacular film with a craptacular director. Humility took over a bad career move. Gotta respect that just a skotch.

7. Did I menti
on he's hot?

8. I mean damn you go from Even Stevens to Disturbia to a big ass blockbuster summer movie and now to the most awaited movie sequels of all time??

9. Uhhh....he's hot??

10. He's unchartered Hollywood territory. A "virgin" to the industry so to he's still waiting to get his cherry popped!!

Indie Picks O' The Day

WOW. It's been a looonnngg time since an update has been made on this blog. So we're gonna make up for it in a BIG way. Instead of the PICK O' The Day....lets add a few more in one post. In this blog we will review 3 Indie flicks that are offbeat, funny, and dramatic.

Mysterious Skin
Dir. Gregg Araki

Okay, so if you are as familiar with Gregg Araki's work as we are, then you probably will watch this movie this really an Araki film?? It's not exactly his atypical film that involves kooky characters tripping off acid or sex crazed teens involved in x-driven orgies. Instead, its a moderately paced film about two guys with a deep dark secret. Neil is a gay hustler played by "the hotness that is" Joseph Gordon Levitt. He becomes bored with his small town life in Kansas and decides to move to the big city to continue his career as a male prostitute. Meanwhile, Brian played by Brady Corbet is trying to figure out what happened to him as a child. He suspects that he may have been abducted by aliens. He also remembers that Neil was with him at the time of his abduction and Brian finds himself on a mission to locate his childhood friend who may have some answers to what happened to him that fateful night. The alien abduction is in fact a deep dark secret that both boys uncover and each come to terms with who they are and how the event affected them in their present lives.

This is one of the most underrated performances by JGL. He is fascinating to watch on screen and an incredibly talented actor. His character draws you in and although his life is destructing into a downward spiral, you're curious to see what his next move is going to be although you suspect it may be his last. It has its moments of suspense, drama, humor, and heartbreak. It's a powerful film by a talented ass director and a phenomenal cast.

B. Demented
Dir. John Waters

Now this is all about the indie! If you are an indie-enthusiast and absolutely loathe the studio system, then you will have a deep appreciation for this John Waters flick. This offbeat comedy is about a lunatic renegade indie filmmaker named who decides to kidnap Honey Whitlock (played by Melanie --I sound like a mouse--Griffith), an A list Hollywood startlet who studios flock to for casting. Cecil forces Honey to be cast in his guerrilla style film and robs convenient stores to use a film locations as well as shooting up teamsters to to get on studio sets. Its freakin awesome!!! Each oddball character plays a significant production role in the film. The gay hairsylist played by Jack Noseworthy is so funny and Adrien Grenier (aka sexiness) as the drug addicted co-star who offers every single type of illegal drug known to man to Honey Whitlock is hilarious to watch.

John Waters who never fails to dissapoint us cinematically makes another freaky comedy about the world of indie cinema and illustrating how some filmmakers are willing to do anything to get their film made. Some good pointers perhaps for our NYindieSeen readers???

Twin Falls Idaho
Dir. Michael Polish

The Polish brothers (who are totally hot by the way) produced and directed this film about siamese twins living a life of obscurity in their barren hotel room. Penny, who we believe is a prostitute, changes the lives of these two conjoined brothers who has hid themselves from the real world. She soon discovers that one the twins (Francis) is very ill. However, the other twin (Blake) begins to fall in love with Penny and the feeling becomes mutual. The three try to figure out their own lives is this bizarre film.

This movie isn't exactly for everyone. Probably because its offbeat tone and ambiguous story. However, its interesting to see the lives of these characters transform and how a relationship can develop between a conjoined twin and another person.