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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

IndieSeen Favorite: Kerry Washington

She’s like a friend in my head. So I could totally see myself having a shopping date with Kerry Washington. She’s just that kinda girl. You know the one who you can always rely on to be there if you just wanna go out and do some randomness? “Let’s go to the movies, let’s go shopping, let’s spy on that hottie that works at American Apparel”. She’s just that kinda girl who you can chill with. Oh yea, and she just so happens to be a pretty damn good actress. Luckily Kerry is not letting Hollywood sleep on her. It seems like this chick comes out with 2 or 3 movies every year. She’s a hardworking kinda gal.

She’s been in some really great movies too. I love it when Kerry goes the indie route because it seems like she’s at her best in films like United States Of Leland and The Dead Girl. If you ever need research on how to play a character that has been completely washed out by drug use…look at Kerry at her best in The Dead Girl. I mean she’s of course done well in blockbuster films like Ray and Last King Of Scotland. She just knows how to work it!

And man does she work it! She’s piping hot! And totally single for you fellas out there. I think she was involved with the little kid from the movie Big…remember that guy? Kerry Washington is our NY neighborhood friend with roots in The Bronx. She graduated from Spence School here which is a well known institution for Hollywood actors.

Kerry will be back in theaters on September 19th in a new riveting film starring Samuel L Jackson and Patrick Wilson called Lakeview Terrace. We already envy Kerry because she got to have hot steamy sexy time action with fine ass Patrick Wilson. All I gotta say is Patrick Wilson can totally get it. Nuff said right there. Anyways, the film is about An LAPD officer who will stop at nothing to force out the interracial couple who just moved in next door. The movie trailer looks hot too. Look for the scene with Wilson and Washington getting it on in the pool. You’ll find yourself need a cool glass of water afterwards.

Kerry, we love you for being a great actress and making us all feel like you could be our bestest friend! Keep it hot girl. You’re definitely an A-lister to us!!

Wanna see Kerry's latest film? Here's the trailer:

ACE Film Festival

After sifting through over 850 entries from across the country, New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) proudly presents the 2008 ACE Film Festival program. The event is set to take place September 4-7 in the main theater of New World Stages located at 340 West 50th Street - just steps from Times Square.The 2008 ACE Film Festival program line-up includes 40 films total with 4 World Premieres, 10 East Coast Premieres and 12 New York City Premieres in the mix. Tickets only $10!

Remarkable Power!Starring Kevin Nealon, Tom Arnold, Dulé Hill and Christopher Titus Saturday, September 6 at 9:15 pm With the plug about to be pulled on his late night talk show after a fifteen year run, and his wife engaged in a steamy affair with a pro baseball star, host Jack West is desperate - to keep aflame his fading celebrity, and avenge the misdeeds of his adulterous spouse. With the clock ticking, Jack concocts the mother of all media stunts, killing two birds with one unforgettable stone on the road to redemption.

Wherever You Are Starring Dreama Walker, Josh Pais and Jane Adams Thursday, September 4 at 9:20 pm A day that starts like any other turns out to be one family’s painful, day-long journey of self-realization. Wherever You Are chronicles the hapless Bernstein family as they try to catch up to the life they are living. Aided by family therapist Dr. Livingston, they open their eyes and embrace the flaws they've spent their entire lives burying.
Plus 36 Other American Independent Films!

View Full Program Schedule

Thursday, August 14, 2008

2008 Solar-Powered Film Series

Solar One has partnered with Green Edge Collaborative to bring a series of environmentally-themed features and shorts to Solar One for the 2008 Solar-Powered Film Series, powered by the photovoltaic (PV) panels on the Solar 1 roof. This year’s series will also include trivia games and director Q&As.

2008 Solar-Powered Film Series
Presented by Solar One and Green Edge Collaborative
Thurs, Fri & Sat August 21-23 and Sept 4-6 at 8pm
At Solar One
23rd St and the East River
6 to 23rd St, walk east or take the M23 bus to Ave C, cross under the FDR Drive and walk south of the Gulf station to Solar 1; L to 1st Ave, walk north to 20th St, east to Ave C, cross under the FDR and walk north through Stuyvesant Cove Park to Solar One.

Thursday August 21
Environmental Art:
Running Fence, 1978
An engrossing document of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s efforts to build a 24 1/2-mile-long, 18-foot-high fence of white fabric across the hills of northern California.
Christo’s Valley Curtain, 1973
The first collaboration between the Maysles Brothers and Christo and Jeanne-Claude, and recipient of an Academy Award Nomination.
Plus Q&A with director Albert Maysles

Friday August 22
Water Shorts:
Gimme Green, 2007
Gimme Green peers behind the curtain of the $40-billion industry that fuels our nation’s largest irrigated crop—the lawn.
Invisible Creek, 2004
Travel down the most polluted waterway in America, Newtown Creek, located on the border between Brooklyn and Queens in New York City.
City of Water, 2007
City of Water explores the aspirations for a diverse, vibrant waterfront at a time when the shoreline is changing faster than at any other time in New York’s history.
Plus discussion of CSOs with Cortney Worrall of the Coastal Marine Resource Center

Saturday August 23
Green Building:
The Greening of Southie, 2008
Building Boston’s first LEED Gold-certified building turns out to be harder than anyone thought. The Greening of Southie shows what happens when you try to build the city of tomorrow… today.
Plus Q&A with director Ian Cheney

Thursday September 4
“Clean” Coal?:
Burning the Future, 2008
In Burning the Future: Coal in America, writer/director David Novack examines the explosive forces that have set in motion a groundswell of conflict between the coal industry and residents of West Virginia.
Plus Q&A with director/producer David Novack

Friday September 5
Garbage Warrior, 2008
The epic story of radical Earthship eco-architect Michael Reynolds, and his fight to build off-the-grid self-sufficient communities.
Plus author Elizabeth Royte talks about her books Garbage Land: On the Secret Trail of Trash and Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It

Saturday September 6
The Future of Food, 2004
Shot on location in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, The Future of Food examines the complex web of market and political forces that are changing what we eat as huge multinational corporations seek to control the world’s food system. The film also explores alternatives to large-scale industrial agriculture, placing organic and sustainable agriculture as real solutions to the farm crisis today.

* Please note that documentaries may contain language unsuitable for children.

About Green Edge Collaborative
The Green Edge Collaborative is a social network for New York City residents to discuss how our consumption choices affect our social, environmental and economic worlds – in our local neighborhoods as well as the global community. Through community engagement, our mission is to facilitate an ongoing dialogue that builds awareness and inspires action toward a sustainable future.

About Solar One
Solar One is NYC’s first green energy, arts and entertainment center, located in Stuyvesant Cove Park, the city’s only all-native plant, organically-maintained park. Our mission is to empower people of all ages with the vision, knowledge and resources to attain a more environmentally sound and sustainable future.

Rooftop Films Does It Again

A summer film series dedicated to showing new, independent films in unique outdoor locations, . This Saturday, August 16, at 9:00pm Rooftop Films will be holding a free screening of the film "Song Sung Blue" on the lawn at Southpoint Park on Roosevelt Island.

Film Details:

Lightning & Thunder, a homegrown Milwaukee husband and wife Neil Diamond cover band. They fall in love, rise to fame and suffer grave misfortune as they share the music of the Jewish Elvis with the people of Milwaukee. Prior to the film we will have live Neil Diamond karaoke.

For more information visit:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Woman Scorned

A vicious love triangle ends badly when man begins a tryst between two women that inevitably ends in murder.

Directed by Jamie Broadnax