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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tribecca Film Festival Shorts: Year Zero Reviewed by Maia

In the very near future a "zombie" plague rages through New York City. The protaganist is trapped within his one bedroom apartment as chaos breaks loose just outside his doors. Being trapped inside he must confront the imminent threat of boredom, isolation, and starvation. Watching him I was wondering if he would escape his predicament as he slowly starts to lose his mind and become emaciated. A person can only go so long in total seclusion without any food before succumbing to hallucinations and physical weakness. Will he be a hero and face the monsters outside or give in to cowardice and hide within his apartment waiting for a cure and to be saved?
The good and the bad. The short film is pretty good but nothing new is explored. The pacing wasn't too bad considering it is completely told from a first person narrative and mostly takes place in one room. The running time of 23 minutes is enough time to tell the film without it getting too stale or old, but it is slightly predictable. As far as the "zombies" are concerned Year Zero alludes to the fact that these are not really zombies, or undead, but actually people being infected by a bacterial strain that transforms then into mindless, violent cannibals a la 28 days later.
However, as an avid zombie enthusiast I was thrilled to see a zombie flick set within New York City. We mostly see zombie flicks set within either the suburbs or in a desolate country setting. I'm more than positive this is all about budget restrictions as it would be too expensive to film withing the confines of New York(and no comments about I am Legend because those were vampire hybrids). So for this film animation can bring this story to life. The horrors of being trapped in a city of millions and millions of infected, as they come for you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scream 4! The premier in pictures.

The Scream 4 premier rocked Hollywood last night. The mega event brought together Scream alumni and new faces alike. The premier streamed live on-line at 9:30 Eastern time, here's some of our fave pics from the star studded event.
Scream 4 hits theaters THIS FRIDAY people. Get into it!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Someones taken their love of Scream movies one step too far.

I'm a pretty damn cool guy, I rock my leather jackets collar up. I wear my pants sagged down so that my stained polka-dot boxers peak out from underneath. I'm usually cold and aloof about my feelings, I sprinkle words like "totes" and "gnarly" into everyday conversation. I also (insert one more bad ass thing here) . Basically, I'm the coolest thing under the sun. But nothing brings the secret dork out of me like a Scream movie.
Those damn Scream movies! It's the one series (X-men excluded) that can put me into full tilt Fan boy mode. I check the websites for the latest updates. I feed on production gossip like it sustains me and yes I even frequent the fan forums to dissect, argue and even countdown to the latest happenings of our beloved Woodsboro crew. I nerd out, I admit it. I've come to terms with it. Scream is the Star wars of horror films and I'm sleeping overnight at the ticket booth dressed as Princess Leia. Between Kevin Williamsons razor-sharp scripts, Wes Cravens brisk and tormenting at the drop of a dime eye, and a trio of characters I've grown to love, these films are cinematic crack.
The fascination started at 13, captivated by the commercials for this R rated film, that seemed so taboo and so painfully cool at the same ti
me. Months after its initial run in theaters I was finally able to see it, (thank you early pay-per-view) It hooked me. It was the horror movie that was smarter than horror movies. These characters existed in our world. It was approachable horror and it opened the floodgates for my love of the genre, something I will always be grateful to the series for doing.
, Shocking and addicting all at once. Scream delivered!
When news of casting for the
sequel began to leak, and I learned that my favorite ingénue at the time, Sarah michelle-gellar (Swans Crossing 4Life!) , and an actual black person would be in it, Jada Pinkett (giving Ms. Drew a run for her money) They had me, hook line and sinker.
After seeing scream 2 opening night (thanks mom), I was officially full on obsessed.

A sequel that in my opinion was better than the original!
Kevin Williamson became my god, and I discovered a new fascination with celluloid.
It would surprise those who aren't fans of the series to know how many people of my generation the Scream films have inspired to become writers and filmmakers. There is an energy about the movies, a freshness that I liken to Tarantino’s early oeuvre.
Naturally, as Scream 3 reared it's head I devoured every new piece of informati
on I could. Kevin Williamson was too busy, with his new television series Wasteland, to pen the third and reportedly final installment. So they brought in Ehren Krueger (the Ring, Arlington Road), to write the script, big mistake!. I won't recount all the hoopla and drama associated with this decision .. It’s been discussed ad-nauseum on-line, simply search "Scream 3 mess" . The Series suffered, Ehren just didn't get "it". The voice, the intelligence of the first two films was muffled by a clichĂ©' ,Scooby doo mystery vibe. Scream 3 disappointed critically and was the least successful of the original trilogy. Scream had become what it was sent out to kill, what should have ended the Iconic series with a bang ended in a whimper.
Kevin Williamson, is Scream; period. That is why fans rejoiced when we'd learned that he would be returning for sole writing duties on Scream 4. The voice was back! Kevins idea for the 4th film was apparently so good it convinced the ever weary star of the Scream films Neve Campbell, Wes Craven, Courtney Cox and David Arquette to return Everyone was back.
11 years after Scream 3, an excitement that I have not felt for the release of a film since , well the third one, has returned. Stronger than ever. I'm trolling the forums. I'm buying the Limited edition magazine covers and Dammit I'm counting down till the release of this epic series. (there are red X’s on my wall calendar if you wanna take a look). Will it be worth the wait? Early test screenings have been incredibly positive, most reviews calling it the best of all the sequels... seeing as how much I loved Scream 2, that's saying a hell of a lot. With a fresh new cast that includes Alison brie, Emma Roberts, Hayden Pantierre, Adam Brody, Veronica Mars, and a bunch of actresses from CW shows that I'm too old to watch, buzz is deafening for Scream 4, and I'm not ashamed to admit that if you listen close enough, you can hear my voice among them.
Scream 4
comes out April 15th!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tribeca Cinemas Screenings This Week

April 2011 Events at Tribeca Cinemas As we wait for Spring to arrive, Tribeca Cinemas springs itself into the new season with some great upcoming events. This month also marks the 10th Tribeca Film Festival. Be sure to scroll down to check out what's coming up, and for more information about when and how to get your Festival tickets and official swag.


Everyone knows all about Japanese animation, but what do we know about Korean? There are stories about North Korean animation sweatshops employed to work on The Lion King and The Simpsons and there’s the fact that most television animation in the 90’s was drawn in Korea, but since 1967, South Korea has been releasing its own animated films that are almost never shown in the United States. After the glut of Korean animation in the 90’s things died down but recently there has been a new explosion of talent and experimental techniques that are once again putting Korean animation on the world stage.

Tuesday, April 5 @ 7:00 pm

WHAT IS NOT ROMANCE (2009)Directed by Hong Eun-ji, Park Jae-ok, and Soo KyoungA surprisingly moving animated film, WHAT IS NOT ROMANCE is all about a middle aged couple approaching their anniversary and it’s as tender, delicate and subtle as the best arthouse movie. Tensions are rising, dinner table conversation is nonexistent and all their romance seems dead. Leaping backwards in time it returns to the beginning of their marriage when they were head over heels in love with each other and traces it to the present when they barely talk and tries to see if there’s any way for a couple married for years to get back to the way things were.What is not Romance trailer at Animation Insider

Tuesday, April 19 @ 7:00 pmAUDITION (2008)

What line-up of Korean animation would be complete without a glitzy, gaudy, crowd-pleasing anime-style manhwa (Korean manga) adaptation? Based on the most popular manhwa of the late 90’s, AUDITION is a teen-girl-ready romance about four dudes, all misfits, who form a rock band. All the main characters are already licensed products in Korea and this feature film version of their well-known story took 8 years to make. It’s pure pop culture cream cheese: smooth and delicious.Admission is free, and is based on a first come first serve basis.

For questions call 212-759-9550.

For more information and the screening schedule click HERE

April 7th: THE NEW YORK WILD FILM FESTIVALA WILD preview event -- The New York WILD Film Festival, is the first annual documentary film festival in New York to assemble the best films about the wild world around us. These carefully selected films from around the world will cover a spectrum of wild topics, from exploration and adventure to wildlife and conservation environment. The festival celebrates the filmmakers who - through the power of their images and storytelling - promote awareness, educate, and inspire interest in protecting the natural world around us.

For more information check out April 12th: TELLING AMY'S STORYTHE MAYOR’S FUND TO ADVANCE NEW YORK CITY and the NYC MAYOR’S OFFICE TO COMBAT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE present a special screening of “Telling Amy’s Story”Telling Amy’s Story is a documentary film chronicling the experience of a victim of domestic violence. It is a public service media project made possible by Verizon Wireless HopeLine and the Verizon Foundation.

A panel discussion with distinguished guests will follow. Light refreshments will be served. Space is very limited. RSVP to 212-788-7794 or email Supporter: $250 (priority seating) Ticket: $100Please note that 100% of ticket sales and donations are fully tax deductible to the extent provided by law.For more information or to donate to the fund, visit


is a Saidiana Productions feature length documentary confronting the challenges the formerly incarcerated and their families face. The film allows a perspective through dual lenses and focuses on the impact of social disinvestment in prisoners, their families and communities. The need to connect society around this crisis is the driving force behind the production of STAINS. Lou Myers, an Audalco award winner, Broadway, film and television star who is best known for his role as the irascible ‘Mr. Gaines’ in A Different World”, narrates. Grammy nominated storyteller, Diane Ferlatte serves as the voice of the voiceless. America can no longer look away and say ‘they’ got what they deserved. America can no longer live by the ‘we’ versus ‘they’ code of ethics. America can no longer hide behind the refrain of that old familiar standard - ‘it’s not our responsibility’. We can no longer rationalize our inhumanity. While it may not be America’s responsibility – it is our duty – we are our brother’s keeper and when we don’t live by that code, we suffer - by ignoring it. This is a film whose time has come – don’t miss it!Join us for the premiere on April 19 at 7:00 PM and 9:45 PM. Free admission. There are no reserved seats – first come first serve. For more information, please visit the website at or e-mail at

April 20th - May 1st: TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL

Tickets go on sale beginning April 12 to American Express Cardmembers, April 17 to downtown residents, and April 18 to the general public. Discount ticket packages will be available to help customize your Festival experience, or buy a Festival pass and not worry about single tickets to access screenings and panel discussions. The new line-up of Official TFF Merchandise is now on sale online, or visit one of the retail outlet locations throughout Festival venues and events. Go to to find out more about everything happening in and around the Festival. To keep track of all 2011 Tribeca Film Festival announcements, follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

You can also register for My Tribeca and sign up for the weekly newsletter.COMING SOON May 4th - 8th: NY INDIAN FILM FESTIVAl 11th ANNUAL IAAC FILM FESTIVALSAVE THE DATES!! New York Indian Film Festival Eleventh Annual IAAC Film Festival May 4-8, 2011

The Indo-American Arts Council is a 501 ©3 not-for-profit arts organization passionately dedicated to promoting, showcasing and building an awareness of artists of Indian origin in the performing arts, visual arts, literary arts and folk arts. For more information please visit


March 15th is the official call for entries deadline! Click HERE to download the official press release. 
For more information and to purchase tickets, visit UPCOMING FILM FESTIVALSTribeca Cinemas will be the home to a variety of film festivals next year. Keep checking for all of our exciting upcoming festivals. For up to date information, and how to purchase tickets, be sure to bookmark

Tribeca Cinemas is a classic downtown venue located on the northern tip of Tribeca, just 10 minutes from Midtown. Perfectly suited and conveniently located for film premieres, screenings, cocktail parties, dinners, corporate meetings and presentations, receptions, personal affairs and celebrations, holiday parties and so much more. Fully equipped with ground-floor access, outdoor signage opportunities, two theaters and an adjacent reception space, which features a full bar and kitchen as well as a talented team of in-house event producers. Tribeca Cinemas is a multi-functional venue for a wide array of events. Continue to check in for updates at the Tribeca Cinemas website and stay up to date with our year-round schedule of events.