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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Someones taken their love of Scream movies one step too far.

I'm a pretty damn cool guy, I rock my leather jackets collar up. I wear my pants sagged down so that my stained polka-dot boxers peak out from underneath. I'm usually cold and aloof about my feelings, I sprinkle words like "totes" and "gnarly" into everyday conversation. I also (insert one more bad ass thing here) . Basically, I'm the coolest thing under the sun. But nothing brings the secret dork out of me like a Scream movie.
Those damn Scream movies! It's the one series (X-men excluded) that can put me into full tilt Fan boy mode. I check the websites for the latest updates. I feed on production gossip like it sustains me and yes I even frequent the fan forums to dissect, argue and even countdown to the latest happenings of our beloved Woodsboro crew. I nerd out, I admit it. I've come to terms with it. Scream is the Star wars of horror films and I'm sleeping overnight at the ticket booth dressed as Princess Leia. Between Kevin Williamsons razor-sharp scripts, Wes Cravens brisk and tormenting at the drop of a dime eye, and a trio of characters I've grown to love, these films are cinematic crack.
The fascination started at 13, captivated by the commercials for this R rated film, that seemed so taboo and so painfully cool at the same ti
me. Months after its initial run in theaters I was finally able to see it, (thank you early pay-per-view) It hooked me. It was the horror movie that was smarter than horror movies. These characters existed in our world. It was approachable horror and it opened the floodgates for my love of the genre, something I will always be grateful to the series for doing.
, Shocking and addicting all at once. Scream delivered!
When news of casting for the
sequel began to leak, and I learned that my favorite ingénue at the time, Sarah michelle-gellar (Swans Crossing 4Life!) , and an actual black person would be in it, Jada Pinkett (giving Ms. Drew a run for her money) They had me, hook line and sinker.
After seeing scream 2 opening night (thanks mom), I was officially full on obsessed.

A sequel that in my opinion was better than the original!
Kevin Williamson became my god, and I discovered a new fascination with celluloid.
It would surprise those who aren't fans of the series to know how many people of my generation the Scream films have inspired to become writers and filmmakers. There is an energy about the movies, a freshness that I liken to Tarantino’s early oeuvre.
Naturally, as Scream 3 reared it's head I devoured every new piece of informati
on I could. Kevin Williamson was too busy, with his new television series Wasteland, to pen the third and reportedly final installment. So they brought in Ehren Krueger (the Ring, Arlington Road), to write the script, big mistake!. I won't recount all the hoopla and drama associated with this decision .. It’s been discussed ad-nauseum on-line, simply search "Scream 3 mess" . The Series suffered, Ehren just didn't get "it". The voice, the intelligence of the first two films was muffled by a clichĂ©' ,Scooby doo mystery vibe. Scream 3 disappointed critically and was the least successful of the original trilogy. Scream had become what it was sent out to kill, what should have ended the Iconic series with a bang ended in a whimper.
Kevin Williamson, is Scream; period. That is why fans rejoiced when we'd learned that he would be returning for sole writing duties on Scream 4. The voice was back! Kevins idea for the 4th film was apparently so good it convinced the ever weary star of the Scream films Neve Campbell, Wes Craven, Courtney Cox and David Arquette to return Everyone was back.
11 years after Scream 3, an excitement that I have not felt for the release of a film since , well the third one, has returned. Stronger than ever. I'm trolling the forums. I'm buying the Limited edition magazine covers and Dammit I'm counting down till the release of this epic series. (there are red X’s on my wall calendar if you wanna take a look). Will it be worth the wait? Early test screenings have been incredibly positive, most reviews calling it the best of all the sequels... seeing as how much I loved Scream 2, that's saying a hell of a lot. With a fresh new cast that includes Alison brie, Emma Roberts, Hayden Pantierre, Adam Brody, Veronica Mars, and a bunch of actresses from CW shows that I'm too old to watch, buzz is deafening for Scream 4, and I'm not ashamed to admit that if you listen close enough, you can hear my voice among them.
Scream 4
comes out April 15th!

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