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Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Catch a free movie on Halloween why don't cha. You're too good to get all dressed up in some lousy costume at a party just to get wasted right???

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

80's Nostaligia Time: Casual Sex?

Remember that movie
Casual Sex? Caught it on HBO the other day and I gotta say, this movie was slightly ahead of its time back in 88 when it was made. Cuz it speak volumes to the anorexic dating crisis among women today. It's really hard to find a man these days, let's see women have a few obstacles in their way like....HIV/AIDS, downlow brothaz, ratio of gay men to straight women in Manhattan, flaky guys, creeps, assholes, jerks, morons, one timers, fetish fiends, soccer players, brainacs, dykes posing as men, and last but certainly not least....the ultimate NICE GUY. What do women have left to find? Where can she find Mr. Right? Well the film Casual Sex? is about two girlfriends (not lesbians) who decide to go to a Health Spa retreat to not only find the right guy but to find themselves.

Love is found in the least likely of places and people in this 80's comedy starring
Lea Thompson, Victoria Jackson, and Andrew Dice Clay....yea, that guy. Whatever happened to him anyway??. It's an 80's flick so expect a little campiness and cheese, but it's good for single women who really are having a hard time in the dating circuit. Especially women who tend to be so damn picky. The film was directed by a chick and written by chicks. Pretty cool stuff huh? Not sure if this is an indie...but it's an 80's classic.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ugly Sexy: Benicio Del Toro

Benicio Del Toro is the epitomy of ugly sexy.

Ya know that category of men who are kinda grimy and ruff at times, but can clean up real well and the sexiness comes thru?
Or those guys that look ruff as hell, but still have that sexy swagger and don't even try hard to do it?

Benicio is one of those guys.

He was the clean cut white collar personal assistant to Kevin Spacey in Swimming With The Sharks.

Then he was Benny, the friend of the heroin-addicted painter in Basquiat

Then he played mumbling thief Fred Fenster in The Usual Suspects.

We certainly can't forget his performance as good cop with a conscience in Traffic.

However, one of his most strongest performances to date was the guilt ridden drunk driver in 21 Grams.

We love Benicio. He's won an Oscar, Golden Globe, and not one but TWO Independent Spirit Awards.
Did you see him in Things We Lost In The Fire??? He was soooooo sexy. He may have another Oscar on his hands too becuz of that performance. Does anyone know if this man is single? FINE THANG that he is....he could get it.

We not only love him because he makes for good eye candy. But we love his style, acting, and humility as an actor in Hollywood. Keep on keepin on.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

SEEN O' The Day: Havoc

You Ain't Real

This is a a good movie. It's kinda sad too cuz I actually know kids like this. Privledged kids tryin to act all hard in their upper crust-spoon fed lives and think by going into the "hood" they can prove their worth in the world. This scene is between Freddy Rodriguez (yumz) and Anne Hathaway (who gets nude in the flick). Freddy tell her that she aint and she's just a wannabee for trying to hang out in East L.A. when her home is Pacific Palisades.

Did I mention JGL is in this film too??

Indie Pick O' The Day: Shadowboxer

I loved this movie! Okay, besides looking at an oil-glistened booty from Cuba Gooding Jr and not too mention full frontal of Stephen Dorff doin it doggy style this is actually a very witty film with fully developed characters and a substantial plot. Yepperoonies!!!

Basically ol' Cuba Goody is a hitman along with his stepmother/lover Helen Mirren. yes, that's right...she's his stepmom AND his girlfriend. Anyways, the two of the are killers for hire and Mirren's character is hit with some unfortunate news that she is dying of cancer. After years of killing people, Mirren suddenly grows a conscience when she is hired to kill the wife of a crime boss who just so happens to be preggers (that's pregnant yall). The wife is the hot n sexy Vanessa Ferlito, who I TOTALLY loved in Death Proof.

Mirren decides to have mercy on her soul and not kill the pregnant wife, but instead take her in and put her into hiding. She even decides to help take care of her kid!!! Well the story of events of this film evolve over the years and the plot starts to get really interesting!!

Ummm...oh yea, did I mention "the hotness that is" JGL is in this film?? Oh yea, and lemme say he really is hot. He plays a doctor to the crime boss and is responsible for helping the injured clients who find themselves getting shot in the foot by their crime bosses. JGL's girlfriend is voluptuous funny lady Ms Mo'Nique which I find to be incredibly bizarre...yet sexy! My favorite scene is when JGL gets caught "tipping the velvet" with another chick and Monique finds them in that uncompromising position. HOTNESS!!!!! JGL doing his thang...wowz. I think I rewound that scene like 5 times.

Anywayz, the film is directed by none other than producer Lee Daniels who produced Monster's Ball. My aunt claims to know his mom...hey Aunt Faye give me the hookup!!!