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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Indie Pick O' The Day: Shadowboxer

I loved this movie! Okay, besides looking at an oil-glistened booty from Cuba Gooding Jr and not too mention full frontal of Stephen Dorff doin it doggy style this is actually a very witty film with fully developed characters and a substantial plot. Yepperoonies!!!

Basically ol' Cuba Goody is a hitman along with his stepmother/lover Helen Mirren. yes, that's right...she's his stepmom AND his girlfriend. Anyways, the two of the are killers for hire and Mirren's character is hit with some unfortunate news that she is dying of cancer. After years of killing people, Mirren suddenly grows a conscience when she is hired to kill the wife of a crime boss who just so happens to be preggers (that's pregnant yall). The wife is the hot n sexy Vanessa Ferlito, who I TOTALLY loved in Death Proof.

Mirren decides to have mercy on her soul and not kill the pregnant wife, but instead take her in and put her into hiding. She even decides to help take care of her kid!!! Well the story of events of this film evolve over the years and the plot starts to get really interesting!!

Ummm...oh yea, did I mention "the hotness that is" JGL is in this film?? Oh yea, and lemme say he really is hot. He plays a doctor to the crime boss and is responsible for helping the injured clients who find themselves getting shot in the foot by their crime bosses. JGL's girlfriend is voluptuous funny lady Ms Mo'Nique which I find to be incredibly bizarre...yet sexy! My favorite scene is when JGL gets caught "tipping the velvet" with another chick and Monique finds them in that uncompromising position. HOTNESS!!!!! JGL doing his thang...wowz. I think I rewound that scene like 5 times.

Anywayz, the film is directed by none other than producer Lee Daniels who produced Monster's Ball. My aunt claims to know his mom...hey Aunt Faye give me the hookup!!!

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