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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Craptacular Flick: She Hate Me

She Hate Me

Sorry to blast on a Spike Lee film becuz I freakin LOVE his work, but this film sucked ass. This movie was horrible. I only decided to watch this film because Spike Lee directed it. After seeing it, I question why he was even attached to this production in the first place??

I can't believe he was co-writer of this script! Was this a desperate attempt to write a film against type. Was he sick of being labeled as the angry black militant filmmaker?? The plot was horrible, the characters were typecast, and they were ALL way too stereotypical. I thought this film's theme was about morality in ethics and in fact its the complete opposite. And what fug was that ending about???

Why would lesbians choose to have sex to conceive a child when in vitro fertilization is ready and available? The Fatima character (played by the beautifully talented Kerry Washington) is clearly confused about her sexuality first of all. She claims to no longer love the protagonist (played by Anthony Mackie), but she constantly works her way back into his life and uses this baby-making business plan as a way to see him and have contact with him again. Then she kisses him and makes love to him like she was dying for it when she does try for a baby. I just didn't get this film. What was this film's message? Why was this film even made? What a waste of celluloid. I think I like the old militant films that Spike Lee used to make. I miss those. Don't waste your time on this flick.

Spend your time on a better Anthony Mackie film like Brother to Brother, Half Nelson, or We Are Marshall. This movie is a stinker.

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