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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

GroundBreaking Gays!

AfterElton a pretty informative sight that focuses on gays in the entertainment industry have released their picks for the 20 most ground breaking gay films.
I tend to agree with most of their choices ( well the ones I've seen anyway) but still feel like theres something missing from the list, cant put my finger on it.....
anyway, check them out Here

Do You Have A Short Film?

If you have a short film that is already uploaded on the net and would like to give it some more exposure, contact us here at NYIndieSeen.

Our email address is:

Please provide the EMBED code to your media, and we will happily upload it onto the blog. Remember, this blog is not only for you...but it's about YOU!


Film Racing!

On Saturday, April 7th, 2007, NYC area filmmakers will be challenged to create an original short film in just 12 hours, from noon to midnight. They will be competing in the NYC Film Race 2007, part of the Film Racing Tour that will be visiting more than 10 cities in 2007. All of the films will screen at the Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan and the top films will stream online to compete for thousands in cash + prizes against filmmakers across the country. Space is limited, so register your team now.

To register, learn more and watch last year's winning films:

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory: Recut

Here is some more trailer trash for ya!! Willy Wonka style!

A David Fincher Classic


Mills sees Somerset coming and pulls Doe so that Doe stands.

(quietly, watching)
Here he comes.

(shouts to Somerset)
What the fuck is going on?

(to Mills)
I want you to know, I wish I could have
lived like you do.

Somerset starts running towards Mills, mud splattering.

Mills... put down your gun! Throw it away!

Mills leaves Doe behind, walks towards Somerset, gun down.


Somerset is fifty yards away and closing.

Throw your gun down now!

What are you talking about? What happened?

Are you listening to me, Detective Mills?
I'm trying to tell you how much I admire
you... and your pretty wife Tracy.

Mills freezes, turns to Doe. Doe smiles. Somerset is close.

Throw your weapon, detective! Now!

(to John Doe)
What did you say?

It's surprising how easily a member of the
press can purchase information from the men
in your precinct.

David... please...

I visited your home this morning, after you

Mills is filled with an aching terror.

I tried to play husband... tried to taste
the life of a simple man, but it didn't
work out. So, I took a souvenir.

Mills turns to look at Somerset with pleading eyes. Somerset
holds out his hand.

Give me the gun.

Her pretty head.


Because I envy your normal life. Envy is
my sin.

Somerset can't hold back tears.

Fury rises in Mill and he turns to level his gun at John Doe.

Somerset raises his gun and points it at Mills.


Mills sees Somerset's gun, raises his gun to Somerset.

Tell me it's not true.

I can't let you do this...

Mills steps forward, enraged.

Put your gun down!!

Don't do this... please...

Put the gun down, Somerset!

A pause. Somerset's gun hand is trembling. The wind whips
across them. The HELICOPTER can be HEARD distantly. Somerset
throws his gun down.

David, listen to me...

Mills goes to grab John Doe by the throat and puts the gun to
Doe's forehead, blind with rage.

Somerset holds his hand behind his back, opens his switchblade.

He wants this! He wants you to do it!

Doe is staring into Mills' eyes with wild expectation.

Kill me.

Doe lowers his head, waiting for execution.

Mills holds the gun at Doe's head, undecided, furious.

Somerset edges towards them.

(looks to Somerset)
Stop it! You stay away!

Somerset moves the switchblade so he's holding it by the blade,
ready to throw, keeping it hidden.

I can't let you do this!

Mills kicks Doe and throws him backwards on the ground. The

Mills stands over Doe and points the gun.

She begged for her life, and for the life
of your baby inside her.

Mills' face fills with confusion -- then a wave of horror.

Doe's eyes register shock.

You didn't know.


Indie Pick O' The Day: Half Nelson

Directed By: Ryan Fleck
Half Nelson - A wrestling hold in which one arm is passed under the opponent's arm from behind to the back of the neck.
The protagonist in this story has an addiction that has a great hold over his life...

This film tells the story of Dan Dunne, an inner city high school teacher with a secret. He is living an unfulfilled life and the only thing that keeps him going is his love for teaching and his adoration for his students. Drey, his 15 year old student is struggling with living in the inner city and the bad elements that surround her. Her brother is in prison for drug dealing, and his mentor, a drug dealer named Frank takes Drey under his wing. One day after school Drey catches her teacher Mr. Dunne in the bathroom smoking crack. His dirty secret is revealed. Drey soon learns her mentor Frank is already familiar with Dunne, for he is a loyal client of his. The two begin to form a friendship that is a mutual understanding of each of their own hardships.

The performances in this film are mesmerizing. I’ve actually been quite a fan of Ryan Gosling after seeing The Believer. His is a phenomenal actor and most certainly underrated. It was a surprise, yet a relief when he received a nomination for an Oscar for his performance. Shareeka Epps has an equally impressive performance as Drey. This actress (with no prior acting experience) was hand picked by the director and his girlfriend to star in this film. Her performance was so amazing that she won the 2007 Independent Spirit Award.
The on-screen chemistry between these two actors is nothing like I’ve ever seen before on film. It’s amazing how two people from complete opposite worlds, can relate to one another so deeply.

The only thing about this film that I criticize are the shots. The cinematography with regard to lighting was flawless, however the shot selection was ambiguous. There were many shots that were framed off-center (which normally I think is aesthetically pleasing) but it was so off-center at times that it was hard to understand what was happening in the scene. For example, there is a scene that a kid in his class has a chronic tendency to cheat and was looking at his classmates test answers. Dunne (Gosling) goes over to the student and slams a paper onto his desk. Initially I did not understand what was placed on his desk, however after watching the director’s commentary, Fleck mentions that he took off the test from the girl’s desk and gave it directly to the cheating student to copy off of. Without the commentary, no one would understand how this scene would have worked.

Aside from shot selection, the film is superb and it is a must see. If you ever want to see what a crack addiction should look like on film, then rent Half Nelson. It’s one of the most stunning performances of this year.

Die Hard News

A Goodfella and a Rolling Stone collaborate for a new movie:

Harry Potter gets naked!: Sydney Morning Herald

A vision of a chained woman inspired director Brewer for Black Snake Moan: Edmonton Journal

Attention all Trekkies! New Star Trek film set to release next year: Variety

Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis caught with their pants down in new Madam book: M&C

New Fantastic Four movie trailer: Ain’t It Cool News

Soundtrack to Quentin’s Death Proof from the upcoming Grindhouse film:
Ain’t It Cool News

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Short Film Corner: A Christmas Wish

Here is the movie trailer to the film A Christmas Wish by Law Watford.

One year after the Christmas Eve murder of his wife, Asia finds himself on the verge of suicide. One trigger away from ending his life, he is approached by a mysterious man who suggest that he can reunite him with his wife. Asia accepts the deal, only to discover the catch; that he must relive the day of her death over and over again. In the end he must learn to let her go, so that his life can begin again.

The film stars James Avery

Indie Pick O' The Day: The Watermelon Woman

The Watermelon Woman (1996)

Cheryl is young, Black, and lesbian, working in Philadelphia with her best friend Tamara and consumed by a film project: to make a video about her search for a Black actress from Philly who appeared in films in the 30s and was known as the Watermelon Woman. Following various leads, Cheryl discovers the Watermelon Woman's stage name and real name and surmises that the actress had a long affair with Martha Page, a White woman and one of Hollywood's few female directors. As she's discovering these things, Cheryl becomes involved with Diana, who's also White. The affair strains Cheryl's friendship with Tamara. More discoveries bring Cheryl (and us, her audience) to new realizations

The film was directed by
Cheryl Dunye. She serves on the Directors Guild of America's Independent Council and on the advisory board for New York's Independent Film Project's Gordon Parks Award. She was also a mentor for IFP/ West Project Involve and a board member of Los Angeles OUTFEST.

Fresh Blood On The Indie Circuit: Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady

Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady

Stats: Filmmakers of the Oscar nominated documentary Jesus Camp. Owners of Loki Films, a New York based documentary film production company founded in 2001.

Heidi Ewing - has produced and directed documentaries for The Discovery Channel, Britain's Channel 4, the BBC, A&E Network and Arte. Previously, Heidi produced and co-directed a one-hour film for the Discovery Channel on the ancient origins of tribal and religious body modification, a documentary shot on location in Sri Lanka and Ethiopia. She has also produced a three-part -series on the criminal justice system in the Bronx, focusing on juveniles in the System (Discovery Channel). Her most recent directorial success was "Dissident: Oswaldo Paya and the Varela Project," a film about the struggle of Havana-based dissident and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Oswaldo Paya. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and has showed to critical and industry praise. She is the co-founder of Loki Films.

A private investigator turned filmmaker, Rachel Grady - has produced and directed a wide variety of documentaries for The Discovery Channel, the A & E Network and Britain's Channel 4. Previously, she focused on the erratic and complex New York criminal justice system for a special A&E series, "New York Justice." For that series, Rachel chronicled the lives of five overworked public defenders and also completed "Mad Justice," a verité documentary that looks at the troubling fate of mentally ill defendants and parolees. Rachel recently completed "TX," a first ever look at life inside drug rehabilitation. This eight part series (for VH1) follows ten young adults as they battle to get off alcohol, heroin, crack and pills. Rachel is the co-founder of Loki Films.

An Indie Classic


Norman looks about, tray in hand, sees there is no reasonable
place to spread out a supper. He turns, sees Mary standing
in the doorway.

Eating in an office...
(a rueful smile) officious, even for me. I have
the parlor behind this... if you'd

Mary nods. Norman walks on, behind the counter and into the
darkened parlor. Mary follows.


In the darkened room, lit only by the light from the office
spilling in, we see Norman placing the tray on a table. Mary
comes to the doorway, pauses. Norman straightens up, goes to
lamp, turns on the light.

Mary is startled by the room. Even in the dimness of one
lamp, the strange, extraordinary nature of the room rushes
up at one. It is a room of birds. Stuffed birds, all over
the room, on every available surface, one even clinging to
the old fashioned fringed shade of the lamp. The birds are
of many varieties, beautiful, grand, horrible, preying. Mary
stares in awe and a certain fascinated horror.


Please sit down. On the sofa.

As Norman goes about spreading out the bread and ham and
pouring the milk, we follow Mary across the room. She studies
the birds as she walks, briefly examines a bookcase stacked
with books on the subject of "Taxidermy."


She notices, too, the paintings on the wall; nudes, primarily,
and many with a vaguely religious overtone.

Finally Mary reaches the sofa, sits down, looks at the spread.

You're very... kind.

It's all for you. I'm not hungry.
Please go ahead.

Mary begins to eat, her attitude a bit tense. She takes up a
small slice of ham, bites off a tiny bite, nibbles at it in
the manner of one disturbed and preoccupied.

Norman gazes at her, at the tiny bite she has taken, smiles
and then laughs.

You eat like a bird.

You'd know, of course.

Not really. I hear that expression,
that one eats "like a bird," is really
a falsie, I mean a falsity, because
birds eat a tremendous lot.
(A pause, then
Oh, I don't know anything about birds.
My hobby is stuffing things...
taxidermy. And I guess I'd just rather
stuff birds because... well, I hate
the look of beasts when they're
stuffed, foxes and chimps and all...
some people even stuff dogs and
cats... but I can't... I think only
birds look well stuffed because
they're rather... passive, to begin
with... most of them...

SEEN O' The Day: Run Lola Run

This is an independent film from Germany titled Lola Rentt. It's about a young woman in Germany who has twenty minutes to find and bring 100,000 Deutschmarks to her boyfriend before he robs a supermarket.

Here is a scene when she wanders into a Casino to earn some quick cash. This scene is not subtitled or dubbed, but even without understanding the dialogue, it's concise and alluring to watch.

In Case You Didn't Know...

Bobby Crackhead Brown got arrested for missin child payments…maybe Ray J can help a brotha out: Earthtimes

Posh Spice may be getting her own reality TV Show? Awww hellz no!: Hellomagazine

New Hostel 2 poster! Warning: May not be suitable for office viewing: Ain’t It Cool News

Ice Cube is caught stealin from the Church…on a “Sunday”!: Dark Horizons

Janet Jackson gets married to Tyler Perry: Dark Horizons

Monday, February 26, 2007

Taxi Driver: Recut

Marty Scorsese actually has a directors cut of Taxi Driver that just came out this week. Check out the trailer here!!!

IndieSeen Favorite: Adrien Brody

He’s sexy. Yea, I know he’s all skinny and stuff but still. He has a charisma that many actors just don’t have.

I mean, he’s not your stereotypical pretty boy sexy, but he’s got sex appeal that just translates on screen in every film he’s in. I remember seeing
Adrien Brody in this indie film called Restaurant. I was surprised because Lauryn Hill was in and I was like, WTF? He actually played her ex boyfriend in the film...hotness. He also resumes another interracial relationship with Elise Neal in the film. It’s basically about these New Jersey waiters who dream of becoming actors…sounds all too real right? Then he was the little Jewish boy in Liberty Heights. He was sooo cute. This Barry Levinson film was about race relations in 1950s Baltimore. It dealt with all issues of your typical coming of age film from anti-semitism to interracial dating.

Then he was in another indie film called
Dummy. Its an odd quirky film about a ventriloquist who’s life is lived through his dummy who he keeps on knee and to his heart as he lives his dysfunctional life. However, Adrien’s life was about to change after he finished filming Dummy. He went on to star as the lead in a film called The Pianist.

The film is about a Polish Jewish musician who struggles to survive the Holocaust in World War 2. His performance was mesmerizing and everyone was fooled that the accent was fictional. I mean…I knew that becuz I saw him in Liberty Heights. However, Adrien didn’t become a movie star until The Pianist was released and he won the
Academy Award for Best Actor.

Of course after that he went on to make one A list movie to the next. Films like

The Village, King Kong, and Hollywoodland just to name a few. He’s currently here in NYC filming Darjeeling Unlimited. This Queens-bred boy with a strong affinity for hip hop, can always be seen walkin the streets of New York.

I hoped to be grabbed like Halle if I present an Oscar to him…

Independent Spirit Awards Winners

In case you missed in Saturday night, here is the list of Indie Spirit Award Winners!

Best Feature
Little Miss Sunshine

Best Director Jonathon Dayton & Valerie Faris

Best Screenplay
Jason Reitman Thank You For Smoking

Best First Feature Sweet Land

Best First Screenplay
Michael Arndt

John Cassavetes Award (For the Best Feature made for under $500,000)

Best Supporting Female Frances McDormand

Best Supporting Male Alan Arkin

Best Female Lead
Shareeka Epps

Best Male Lead
Ryan Gosling

Best Cinematography
Guillermo Navarro

Best Foreign Film
The Lives of Others

Best Documentary The Road to Guantanamo

SEEN O' The Day: Clerks

Here is the "Beserker" scene from the indie hit Clerks directed by Kevin Smith

Don't Be Scurred...

Do you have a scary short film you made that you would like SEEN?

Call for entries to The New York City Horror Film Festival The NYCHFF is back and this year they are adding something new. For 2007 NYCHFF have partnered with Writers Boot Camp and Final Draft to bring the genre's most important screenplay and comic book competition. (see web site for details) Americas largest and most recognized film festival focusing solely on Horror, Science-Fiction and Thrillers. Each October, The New York City Horror Film Festival celebrates genre films and the hard working filmmakers who create them. For more information, please visit:

Job Openings!

JOB OPENING: SR PROD/NY: Min 5+ yrs of prev exp w/interactive & content-based websites req'd, work w/key content partners to build a rich base of content, tools & interactive features. Apply at , Job # 578535 (3/3)

JOB OPENING: SENIOR PRODUCER/FOOD/NY: Min 5 yrs previous exp w/interactive & content-based websites required, work w/video team to develop original content appropriate to the channel. Apply , Job # 578530 (3/3)

JOB OPENING: DIR BRAVO PROG RES/NY: Min 5 yrs exp in media res w/exp in ntwrk/cable or w/agency or supplier, min 5 yrs exp w/Nielsen data, & NPower, Galaxy Expl, Galaxy Navigator, Mkt Breaks. job # 580826 (3/3)

JOB OPENING: AD SALES MKTG MGR/WEtv/NYC: Dev & exec multi-platform, integrated partnerships for key clients w/our National Ad Sales team.Creative media mktg & sales savvy prof w/proven record. ref #2749BR (3/3)

JOB OPENING: LONG TERM TEMP OPS COORD/Sundance Channel/NY: Sought to oversee multi-platform deliverables & live b'cast ops. Must have 2-3 yrs exp in b'cast ops & in-depth tech knowledge. Resumes to (3/2)

JOB OPENING: MANAGER, PROGRAMMING/iN DEMAND/NYC: Track trends, negotiate license agreements & dev programming initiatives. Min 4 yrs exp + BA. Send resume & salary req: (3/2)

JOB OPENING: DIR, INT SALES & MKTG/Rainbow Media/NYC: Develop & sell integrated VOD progm & advertising assets direct to client & agency. 5+ yrs media solution sales. Agency/media exp. nec. Res to ref #2475BR (3/2)

JOB OPENING: PUBLICITY MGR/IFC in Theaters/NY: Promote/publicize theatrical releases. Focus major reg'l film fests, agencies, PA tours/events.Exp w/Premiere & Fest coord, good critic/edit contacts. ref#2454BR (3/2)

JOB OPENING: SALES PLANNER/Fox Cable/New York, NY: day-to-day management of accounts; assist in RFPs & proposal development; 2-3 yrs sales/agency experience; strong communication skills & attention to details; (3/2)

JOB OPENING: COORD, VOD/iN DEMAND/NYC: Package file assets for VOD distribution & encode content. 4-yr degree, min 2 yrs exp. Mpeg & xml exp. Send resume: (3/2)

JOB OPENING: WRITER/PRODUCER/VERSUS, NYC: Write and produce compelling sports promotions for growing sports network. 5+ yrs nat'l cable net/brdcast stn and sports promo exp a must. Apply at EEO/AA/Drug Free (2/29)

JOB OPENING: DOCUMENTATION SPECIALIST/INVISION INC/NY: Technical writing & editing for IT software/systems. Knwldg of Media Industry a big plus. Send resume: (2/29)

JOB OPENING: A/R ACCOUNTING MGR/DIRECTV/NYC: Managing daily A/R collection functions. For full job description and to forward resume, go to: ref job# 700109 (2/29)

JOB OPENING: SR. CLIENT OPERATIONS MANAGER/MSA Media/NY: Client mgmt/bus development/Gabriel implementation/proj mgmt - enterprise systems exp a plus Res/Salary req's to: Full Description at (2/29)

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JOB OPENING: VOD MANAGER/FiOS TV/NY: Coordinate VOD customer offering, logistics and operations, partner communications and market analysis. Apply by sending resumes to (2/28)

JOB OPENING: VP OF MARKETING/Sorpresa!/ NYC: Sorpresa! - Hispanic Childrens Network searching for seasoned mgr. to build & oversee marketing div. 5yrs Hispanic market experience required. Apply: (2/28)

JOB OPENING: VP OF AD SALES/Sorpresa!/ NYC: Sorpresa! - Hispanic Childrens Network searching for seasoned mgr. to build & oversee ad sales div. 5yrs Hispanic market exp. reqd. Apply: (2/28)

JOB OPENING: VP OF PRGRMNG/Sorpresa!/ NYC: Sorpresa! - Hispanic Childrens Network seeking seasoned programming mgr. to build & oversee programming div. 5yrs Hispanic market exp. & Bi-lingual reqd. Apply: (2/28)

JOB OPENING: AFFILIATE SALES REP/Sorpresa!/ NYC: Sorpresa! - Hispanic Childrens Network seeking exp. affiliate sales rep. w/ 3yrs experience in Hispanic cable space preferred; Bi-lingual preferred. Apply: (2/28)

JOB OPENING: MANAGER, PRGRMNG/iN DEMAND/NYC: Screen & evaluate calls/pitches from content providers. Negotiate license agreements. Dev programming initiatives. Min 4 yrs exp + BA. Send resume & salary req: (2/28)

JOB OPENING: AFFIL. MKTG COORD/Oxygen/NY: Fantastic op w/great co. for energetic, detailed, multi-tasker. Focus on promos/collateral/new mktg platforms/broadband extensions. Resume to: , incl. position in subj line (2/27)

JOB OPENING: ADMIN ASS'T/OFFICE MGR for Nat'l PBS Pub.Aff. Program/NYC: Special emphasis on organizational skills and database management, interest in fundraising/devel. preferred. Resume/cover letter to (2/27)

JOB OPENING: ACCT MGR AFFILIATE SALES/Oxygen Media/NY: Strong background in sales/mktng; min 3yrs exp in media sales & multi-media mrktng. Travel req'd. Please contact (2/27)

Our Personal Shoutout

We just wanna say congrats and give an Oscar shoutout to the following winners here at NYIndieSeen—our personal favorites:

Michael Arndt for winning Best Original Screenplay

Forrest Whitaker for winning Best Actor

Jennifer Hudson for winning Best Supporting Actress

Alan Arkin for winning Best Supporting Actor

William Monahan Best Adapted Screenplay

Marty Scorsese for Best Director

Da Buzz

Check out the Oscar Winners here: MTV UK

Al Gore actually wins for once! Bout damn time right?: Playfuls

The “Susan Lucci” of film directors finally wins his gold: M&C

And the Worst Actress Award goes to…: Telegraph

James Cameron has found Christ…literally!: Ain’t It Cool News

Hey Bobby! DeNiro goes for a third strike with Fockers movie: Dark Horizons

Saturday, February 24, 2007

IndieSeen Favorite: Kevin Spacey

Oh, How I Love Thee? Let me count the ways....

Kevin Spacey is by far the greatest actor in Hollywood. No one can match his skills as method actor. What I like the most about this guy is his discreet ways of portraying a character. It's not too over the top or overacted. It's subtle and modest.

I also love the sarcastic sense of humor he bring to every part. Ya gotta love it. I remember seeing him first in this indie film called Henry and June. He played the role of Harry Osborn. However, the earliest film I've seen him in that resonates with me the most however, is Glengarry Glenross. He was a prick of a boss John Williamson who manages to screw up Al Pacino's sales. I LOVE that fuckin movie!!!

However, if you haven't seen the indie cult classic Swimming With The Sharks then you need to fuckin stop reading this blog and rent that movie right now. Go ahead rent it! Kevin Spacey plays the epitomy of every asshole Hollywood agent that represents all that is wrong with the entertainment industry. Personal assistants everywhere need to use watch this movie as a training film, cuz trust me, you will grow from the experience of seeing how a Hollywood agent acts.

Aaahh and then there's Verbal Kint in The Usual Suspects. We loved him as the studdering muttering Verbal Kint who couldn't shutup. He surprised us of course but his performance sure didn't. I mean damn after all he did win an Oscar for his performance.

Then there is his performance as slick L.A. narcotics detective Jack Vincennes in 50's era Los Angeles in L.A. Confidential. He plays a cop who seeks headlines, tries to hob knob with the stars, and can be bought at a price. But you see his subtle turn from dirty cop to a police officer who tries to set things right and unfortunately it leads to his surprising demise.

Who could forget when we see Spacey masturbating in American Beauty? That's just classic. The first mainstream A list film with a masturbating scene. YEAH!!! I loved seeing Lester tell off his wife in the drive-thru! Classic stuff right there bitches!

I could go on and on and on about this film career. Seven, A Time To Kill, The Negotiator, Pay It Forward and Edison Force.

Edison Force?? Ok, well we all make mistakes.

So we just wanna say we love you Kevin for being the best actor EVER! Luv yaz!!

We Aint Got Much To Talk About

KFed visits baldie in Rehab: Sky Showbiz

23 Reasons NOT to see Jim Carrey: Boston Herald

YAWN...Amanda Peet had baby: Fox News

Indie Pick O' The Day: The Believer

The Believer focuses on a young man's turmoil over his faith and his identity. Talented ex-Mouseketeer and Academy Award nominee Ryan Gosling stars at a young Jewish man turned neo-Nazi skinhead. Now why would a Jew become a skinhead? Danny Balint (Gosling) holds a resentment toward the Jews for becoming weak as a people. He joins the skinheads because they hold a similar disgust towards the Jews and he feels the skinheads are everything being Jewish is not. But at the same time being apart of the racist neo-Nazi regime he must conceal his heritage from his new-found friends.

His self-loathing of being a Jew conflicts with his adoration of the ceremonies and practices of Judaism. When he and his Nazi friends raid and vandalize a synagogue, he steals a sacred scroll and in the privacy in his own home puts on the Jewish ceremonial robes and reads the scroll. His secrecy and hatred for his own people leads to his unraveling. Loosley based on true story of a Jewish man who joined the Ku Klux Klan.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Indie-Off Course: "The L Word" Brings Sexy Back!

Dear: L Word
I gotta admit, you had me a little worried there for a moment.
You had such an amazing start, back in the first season when you introduced us to your world of stylish Sleek successful lesbians and their Love and lust lives in L.A.
the cast was amazing, the brilliant Jennifer Beals as type A, Bette Porter, androgynous Katherine Moening as Shane the resident heart breaker, the always adorable Leisha Hailey as Alice the quirky bisexual writer, the piercing Mia Kirshner as the intensely self serving aspiring writer Jenny Schecter
and Foxxy Brown herself Pam Grier as Kit the Straight reformed alcholic sister of Beals character
superb casting, gorgeous Locals, stylish clothes and plenty of T&A made this series an aesthetic Dessert for the eyes.
But it was the three dimensional characters, intelligent and witty writing and continuing sexually and socially relevant story lines that kept me coming back for more.
I hate to use the term ground breaking because I find it to be an oft over-used bordering on meaningless term, but with the L word Ground Breaking is a term that definitely fits.

It's not ground breaking for being the first show to portray almost exclusively gay lead characters, Queer As Folk conquered that territory first in 2000,

but it is ground breaking for portraying Gays in an intelligent well thought out and complex manner unlike Queer As Folk, A series that dropped the ball it was given with its sex crazed, empty and white washed depiction of gay America.

Queer As Folk would never have been able to handle the topics that The L Word has tackled. so effortlessly.
Racial and sexual identity, Gender identification, Art Vs religious Fundamentalism, and transgendered politics have all been handled skillfully and genuinely all the while remaining entertaining and undeniably captivating. Its an undertaking that "Queer" with its brain dead shirtless Himbo adventures, could only dream of being able to handle with such panache.

still delivering the sudsy, Soapy good times with secret pregnancies, torrid affairs, and emotional blackmail The L word was that series that delivered all the tantalizing goods in one addictive package.

Unfortunately something happened to you guys mid second season,
you were off to a good start with the addition of the painfully cool DJ, Carmen Morales (Sarah Shahi), and the pairing of best friends turned lovers Alice and Dana.
But by mid second season, that soul, that smartly crafted essence began to dwindle.
you got that new horrendous Betty theme song with its grating and repetitive hook and elementary Lyrics
"this is the way, is the way that we live.....and looooveee" Ugh
introduced a girls gone wild inspired peeping tom story line, that you never satisfactorily resolved and turned formerly ,bad ass mess, Kit into a whipped little play thing for Charles S Duttons dull motivational speaker character.
but you were still one of the best things on television, so we stayed tuned in hoping that somehow someway things would get better, that things would return you to the glorious heights that initially got us so devoted to you the 1st season.

Our hope didn't last for too long, as the Overly Soapy over the top story lines continued for the third season.
Drastic personality changes (Alice is an insane stalker, Shane tamed, Bette becomes a wimp?), weird unexplained character development (Alice and Helena are BFF, Tina's sudden bisexuality) and that annoying Manny romance for Kit, threatened too Kill the series where it stood.

It stopped being appointment television, and a sense of indifference and uninterest began to penetrate my feeling for the characters.
If the writers didn't care enough to stay true to these characters and who they were than how could they expect us as viewers to care about what happens to them?

in fact Shane's engagement to Carmen was the last straw for me, though some fans may claim that the loss of Dana's character as a result of breast cancer was the clincher for them, I disagree i found that story line to be one of the few that was satisfactorily handled that season, both heartbreaking and sudden as a death due to illness tends to be.
No, it was the monogamizing of Shane, one of my favorite characters and the L words resident Player.
Gone was that Mick Jagger swagger and detached stance on romantic entanglements and in its place was a Shane unhinged a Shane whose claws had been seemingly clipped.
though by the end of season 3 Shane did reemerge in her true form, when she left Carmen at the alter and ran off to parts unknown, but by that time the damage had been done

So I didn't particularly have high hopes for this new 4th season which premiered on January 6th. However those expectations were shattered with back to back solid if not spectacular episodes.
I don't wanna spoil anything by revealing too much regarding the developments of the season so far but trust me it gets goooood

Alice is her lovably awkward self again, Shane's got her hands full with a story line that spins her whole life for a loop, Bette is the tough as nails stoic academic again in a job she's passionate about and jenny? well jenny is Jenny times crazy.
I think the writers finally realized that the Lifetime movie of the week scenarios weren't as compelling as they initially thought, the humor is back with a vengeance and I have to admit that those large group scenes where all the characters interact with each other just warms my cockles (be sure to look out for a particularly funny basket ball game around the 4th episode.)

The ensemble has also expanded they've decided to introduce a new player among the midst, the bold Latina playgirl Papi who acts as Shane's rival, a radical deaf artist (played by Marlee Matlin) , and my personal favorite an actual butch lesbian character as a lead! the strong and silent Tasha, A former national guard servicer who becomes a complementary love interest for Leisha Hailey's giddy Alice.

The romance has been rekindled , I finally get that satisfied feeling again at the end of each episode instead of the feeling that i had waisted 45 minutes of my life, I Love these characters again, i feel like I know them again, like an old friend who returns home after a long trip, My girls are back!

At this writing I was on episode 6 of the 12 episode season, here is hoping that L word series creator Ilene Chaikin and the rest of the crew stay on course because if they continue to deliver the intelligent thought provoking and enticing program that they have presented to us lately , they are definitely on their way to reclaiming there spot on the pedestal of greatness.
like a phoenix rising from the ashes the L word has managed to emerge from two lackluster seasons to reclaim it's former glory and become the best show currently on television.

Sure like anything else the show has its flaws even still, but when it all adds up its still far better than anything else out there.
so thank you L word, for being as dynamic and fearless as you are.
You truly make Sunday nights one "L" of a night to look forward too (I hate myself for that one )
catch up on your L word

season 1
season 2
season 3

now available on DVD.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

IndieSeen Favorite: Jeffrey Wright

I LOVE this man.

The first time I saw Jeffrey Wright was in this indie film called Basquiat. I thought it was one of the most accurate and real portrayals of a non-fictional character. He WAS Jean Michel Basquiat. I think what amazed me the most is he depicted him with such subtlety. It wasn’t over the top or rigid. It was seamless and flawless and I knew he was someone I needed to focus my attention towards.

Like it is stated on IMDB, Jeffrey Wright is by far one of the most underrated and underexposed actors in Hollywood. Perhaps exposure for Jeffrey himself, is not his intentions, which is why the bulk of his work in predominantly has been films in the independent circuit. However, he is considered to be A-list talent, and if you’re an indie filmmaker, you better have a damn good resume and an impressive body of work to even CONSIDER having him cast in your next film. He’s a forced to be reckoned with.

Born and raised in Washington DC, Wright graduated from the prestigious Amherst college in 1987. Although he studied Political Science while at Amherst, Wright left the school with something that would prove to be more valuable: a love for acting. Shortly after graduating he won an acting scholarship to NYU, but dropped out after only two months to pursue acting full time.

Good thing he did, because then we wouldn’t have this great talent to model after in cinema. He went onto star in several films including
Shaft as the unforgettable Peoples Hernandez (I really thought he was Hispanic when I saw that), and he played Martin Luther King Jr. in HBO made for TV movie Boycott. Another unforgettable made for TV movie by HBO he starred in was the multi-award winning film Lackawanna Blues. In 2005, he starred in the independent film Broken Flowers with Bill Murray. His ego is not too big to still go indie, which we love. However, because he such a phenomenal star, he’s in big budget films like Syriana, Casino Royale, and the upcoming Live Free or Die Hard movie.

It seems like he becomes a chameleon in every role he’s in. He truly becomes vulnerable and falls deep into the characters he plays. My favorite performance of his by far was as the flamboyant Belize who provides medical assistance to a dying AIDS patient played by Al Pacino in the HBO film
Angels In America. Even playing beside Al Pacino, Wright somehow manages to steal the scene. I never knew it was possible to upstage (and I mean that in a good way) Al Pacino. However, Wright certainly does in Angels. If you have not seen Angels In America you MUST rent that and it is available on Netflix.

Good Will Hunting: A CIA Conspiracy

This is one of the best recut movie trailers I've seen yet! It's Good Will Hunting recut as an government conspiracy thriller!!!

Indie Pick O' The Day: Secrets & Lies

This is an incredible script written and directed by Mike Leigh. This movie is about Hortense, a successful black woman who lives in London and decides after many years to search for her birth mother. She finds that her birth mother, Cynthia, is a lower-class white woman who lives with her younger daughter who resents her. Cynthia is an alcoholic and a nervous wreck. Hortense brings stability back into her life and Cynthia begins to grow and see life from a different perspective. Their relationship begins to manifest and no boundaries (including race) prevents their mother-daughter bond.

The film stars
Brenda Blethyn and Marianne Jean-Baptiste. Both actresses were nominated for Oscars for their performances.

SEEN O' The Day: But I'm A Cheerleader

Our SEEN's of the Day as of late...really haven't been indie focused. We wanna get our asses back on track and show more indie clips for this archive.

Here's one of the best indie comedies I've seen. Itz freakin hilarious!:
But I'm A Cheerleader

Add it to your Netflix queue if you haven't seen it yet

Production Gigs: March 07

Start Date: Mid-03/2007
Genre: DRAMA
Director: Mr. Michael Cuesta
Address: 4222 22nd St Fl 2
Long Island City, NY 11101-4924
Location: New York
Union: YES

Start Date: Mid-03/2007
Genre: DRAMA
Director: Mr. Peyton Reed
Address: 15 Penn Plz Ste 1 Fl B
New York, NY 10001-2013
Location: New York
Union: YES

Start Date: Mid-03/2007
Genre: DRAMA
Director: Mr. Peter Horton
Address: 3402 Starr Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101-3215
Location: New York
Union: YES

Start Date: Mid-03/2007
Director: Various
Address: 6 E 39th St Fl 2
New York, NY 10016-0112
Location: New York
Union: NO

Start Date: Mid-03/2007
Genre: DRAMA
Director: Mr. Peter Tolan
Address: 176 Grand St Fl 4
New York, NY 10013-3786
Location: New York
Union: YES

Start Date: Mid-03/2007
Genre: DRAMA
Director: Mr. Mark Piznarski
Address: 3402 Starr Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101-3215
Location: New York
Union: YES

Start Date: Mid-03/2007
Genre: DRAMA
Director: Mr. Gary Winick
Address: 203 Meserole Ave Fl 2
Brooklyn, NY 11222-2432
Location: New York
Union: YES

Start Date: Mid-03/2007
Genre: DRAMA
Director: Mr. Robert Iscove
Address: 666 W End Ave Ste 17E
New York, NY 10025-7357
Location: New York
Union: NO

Start Date: Mid-03/2007
Director: Mr. James Tucker
Address: 295 Palmer Rd
Yonkers, NY 10701-5252
Location: New York and New Jersey
Union: NO

Start Date: Mid-03/2007
Genre: DRAMA
Director: Messrs. Francis Hseuh/Steven S. Hahn
Address: 17 John St Ste 11F
New York, NY 10038-4049
Location: New York, New York
Union: NO

Start Date: Mid-03/2007
Genre: DRAMA
Director: Mr. Reginald Hudlin
Address: 155 Morgan St
Jersey City, NJ 07302-2932
Location: New York, New York
Union: YES

Start Date: Mid-03/2007
Title: ZO2
Director: Various
Address: 1619 Broadway Fl 4
New York, NY 10019-7412
Location: New York
Union: NO

Start Date: Late 03/2007
Director: Mr. Frank Zagarino
Address: PO Box 535
Laurel, NY 11948-0535
Location: New York
Union: NO

Start Date: Late 03/2007
Director: Ms. Victoria Linchong
Address: 647 E 11th St Ste 2
New York, NY 10009-4144
Location: New York, New York
Union: NO

Start Date: Mid-04/2007
Director: Mr. Eliott Hong
Address: 3824 Wilshire Blvd Ste 522
Los Angeles, CA 90010-3203
Location: Los Angeles and Israel and New York
Union: NO

Start Date: Mid-04/2007
Genre: DRAMA
Director: Ms. Francois Velle
Address: 2901 Ocean Park Blvd Ste 217
Santa Monica, CA 90405-2919
Location: New York
Union: YES

Start Date: Mid-04/2007
Genre: DRAMA
Director: Ms. Deborah Reinisch
Address: 231 E 5th St Ste 3
New York, NY 10003-8596
Location: New York
Union: NO

Indie Networking Event!!

SCENE Film & Media Networking Event - Feb 28th at 6PM
Young film & media professionals for a night of short films & networking at this once a month event.

From 6-7pm , we show some shorts from some of New York's up & coming filmmakers. Then, from 7-10, it's the New York film & media scene afterhours, with great drinks specials and lots of talented people!

$7 online at

$10 at door; Discounts for groups of 5 or more! Contact us!

Complimentary admission for members of film & media associations & press (online/print)
CinewomenNY, Indiepix Filmmakers, IFP Members, MediaBistro Members, Online Publishers Association, IAB, GENArt Members, SAG, AFTRA, Shooting People New York, NY Film & Media Network, MCAI-NY, Japan Society, Women in Film & Television, AsianCinevision and MediaPost.

If you want to know if your group qualifies for complimentary admission, contact us at


986 Second Ave.
(bet. 52nd & 53rd Sts.)
Manhattan, NY 10022

This East Midtown newcomer provides a sexy black and white mod setting for sampling well-priced New American dishes and innovative cocktails, both of which reflect some Asian touches, just like the decor; the bar and upstairs lounge are already attracting a young, good-looking crowd.

Slow News Day

My boo KFed wants his kids: Actress Archives

Kurt Loder’s picks for Oscar…YAWN: MTV

Taye Diggs is set to star in the new Grey’s Anatomy spinoff. Possible TV suicide? Remember Kevin Hill? Daybreak?: Reuters

Mr. Ugly Sexy himself, Billy Bob talks about The Astronaut Farmer: Movies Online

Allllriiiiighty Then! The Number 23 Movie Review: M&C

Why the best actors are British. Interesting article:
Guardian Unlimited

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Screen Actors Trick Card: Tara Reid Owns One

I remember back in the day she actually was someone worth watching on the big screen. Remember her in the indie film Girl? Well I’m sure you remember her most from American Pie. Then she decide to go all slutterella on us and become the “Hollywood Party Girl”. She’s only worth blogging about because unfortunately she actually has a career in this business. WTF.

Anyways, we want to salute
Tara Reid for being the first to obtain the world class Screen Actors Trick Card! You’ve made some mistakes and we appreciate you for making them! Keep on keeping on girl! With hit films like Van Wilder and My Boss’s Daughter, we’re really glad that you have made your mark in Hollywood. There are so many undiscovered talented actresses out there who cannot get a job because of you making one craptacular film to the next. I mean Devil’s Pond could have gone to an undiscovered talented award-worthy actress, but instead it went to you! Thank you so much for preventing that from happening.

God forbid Hollywood actually starts paying attention to talent above “hookerish” behavior. We can’t have our actresses in Hollywood actually caring about their craft now? Hollywood actresses MUST by all means party every weekday at the places like the Roxy in Hollywood or Marquee in NYC. They must do at least 3-5 lines of coke per night, and they HAVE to sleep with Colin Ferrell—that’s the only way to attain the Screen Actors Trick Card. Get your SAT’s here folks!

Tara Reid! We salute you!

How Scarface Got His Groove Back

Here is the movie trailer to Scarface recut to a romantic comedy!

Indie Pick O' The Day: The Spitfire Grill

The Spitfire Grill is a film about redemption. The story centers on a young woman named Percy (Alison Elliott) who served prison time for manslaughter and arrives in a small town in Maine with hopes of beginning a new life. She works as a waitress in the Spitfire Grill, owned by Hannah (Ellen Burstyn), whose gruff exterior conceals a kind heart and precious little tolerance for the grill's regular customers, who cast their suspicions on Percy's mysterious past. None are more suspicious than Nahum, Hannah's nephew, although his wife, Shelby, has a kinder curiosity.

Percy is almost like a Christ-like figure in the film with themes of redemption and forgiveness that takes place in this small naïve town. The movie was actually created by Roger M. Counts, a long time Director and CEO of the Sacred Heart League, a Catholic nonprofit organization based in Walls, Mississippi. It’s actually the first time a religious organization budgeted an independent film that has received critical acclaim.

Profits from the sale of the film were used to construct a kindergarten through eighth grade school for 450 children in Southaven, Mississippi, located 10 miles from the Sacred Heart League headquarters in Walls. The school's cafeteria is named "The Spitfire Grill," and the film, which is available in both VHS and DVD formats, continues to inspire countless people.

Mr. Courts retired from Sacred Heart League, Inc. and Gregory Productions, Inc., in early 2002. He continues to receive requests from around the world for his advice and counsel, especially from young film makers attempting to create bold and beautiful film outside the Hollywood studio system.

It won several awards including the Dramatic Audience Award at Sundance.