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Monday, February 26, 2007

IndieSeen Favorite: Adrien Brody

He’s sexy. Yea, I know he’s all skinny and stuff but still. He has a charisma that many actors just don’t have.

I mean, he’s not your stereotypical pretty boy sexy, but he’s got sex appeal that just translates on screen in every film he’s in. I remember seeing
Adrien Brody in this indie film called Restaurant. I was surprised because Lauryn Hill was in and I was like, WTF? He actually played her ex boyfriend in the film...hotness. He also resumes another interracial relationship with Elise Neal in the film. It’s basically about these New Jersey waiters who dream of becoming actors…sounds all too real right? Then he was the little Jewish boy in Liberty Heights. He was sooo cute. This Barry Levinson film was about race relations in 1950s Baltimore. It dealt with all issues of your typical coming of age film from anti-semitism to interracial dating.

Then he was in another indie film called
Dummy. Its an odd quirky film about a ventriloquist who’s life is lived through his dummy who he keeps on knee and to his heart as he lives his dysfunctional life. However, Adrien’s life was about to change after he finished filming Dummy. He went on to star as the lead in a film called The Pianist.

The film is about a Polish Jewish musician who struggles to survive the Holocaust in World War 2. His performance was mesmerizing and everyone was fooled that the accent was fictional. I mean…I knew that becuz I saw him in Liberty Heights. However, Adrien didn’t become a movie star until The Pianist was released and he won the
Academy Award for Best Actor.

Of course after that he went on to make one A list movie to the next. Films like

The Village, King Kong, and Hollywoodland just to name a few. He’s currently here in NYC filming Darjeeling Unlimited. This Queens-bred boy with a strong affinity for hip hop, can always be seen walkin the streets of New York.

I hoped to be grabbed like Halle if I present an Oscar to him…

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