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Monday, December 17, 2007

Gun Control PSA

Tragedy looms, as curiosity possesses a 9yr old boy in suburban NY.

Written and Directed by Malcolm Beckford

Will This Stike Affect Indie Filmmakers?

'Perfect Storm' of Strikes Could Cripple Film Industry

Special to the Sun

December 13, 2007

As New York City's film industry suffers from the shocks of the writers' strike, even bigger storms may be looming: In July, the Screen Actors Guild and the Directors Guild of America are expected to lead strikes of their own, which would immediately halt all filmmaking and could threaten the survival of scores of New York's independent film companies.

In preparation for a possible SAG and DGA strike, many Los Angeles-based studios have been rushing to get their filming done before July. That increase in demand has allowed actors to raise their fees, making those who run the less wealthy New York indie film companies worry that they might have to halt production until actors become more affordable.

"We are not the sort of companies with very deep pockets that would be able to sustain ourselves through a very long cessation of work," a co-owner of New York-based indie film company Belladonna Productions, Linda Moran, said. "Some companies might have to shut down."

About a third of all independent films are produced in New York City at 145 studios and stages, according to a 2005 report by the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corp. The Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre, and Broadcasting calculates that the film industry as a whole employs 100,000 New Yorkers.

In the face of such strong competition, New York's indie filmmakers are finding it especially difficult to convince talent to sacrifice higher pay for an opportunity to work on more creative independent projects.

"Even the big actors at some point want to make a decent indie film, and normally they do it for very little money," the producer for New York-based Vox3 Films, Andrew Fierberg, said. Right now, though, actors are trying to grab as many of the higher paying jobs as possible, in order to put some extra cash in the bank in case a strike keeps them from working. "Lower-budget films, even the really good ones, become less of a priority in that kind of crunch," according to a producer for Open City Films in New York, Jason Kliot. "It's harder for us to get the agents' and the actors' attention when they're thinking about these basic livelihood issues."

Monday, December 10, 2007

Free Screenwriting Workshop!!!

Story Structure & Creative Explorations
Free and Open to the Public

How do you employ structural skills while staying true to the creative process? Be guided through writing exercises that free you to explore as you lay down the structural foundation of your story. New and veteran writers are warmly welcome.

RSVP Required
Wednesday, January 9th7-9:30 PMUniversity Settlement184 Eldridge StreetManhattan, NY
See website for details or to RSVP
Reservations are accepted through website only
Do not reply to this email to RSVP

Short Film Corner: CW1 Productions






Short Film Corner: From KML Films

I Love Him by Katie Madonna Lee

Technicolor Splendor by Katie Madonna Lee

Women's Prison

Short Film Corner: Trailer

This is the trailer for a feature documentary that explores solutions to our national homeless epidemic. For more information, visit

Short Film Corner: Four Years (The Movie)

Directed by: Dallas Alexis and
Vinci Jean Baptiste

A story of lies and deceit, starring Stephanye Dussud and Jonathan Wittaker. A young couple is ready to take their love to next level and start a family. But, just as they overcome one obstacle, Brenda's past has caught up to her and things take a turn for the worse. Brenda and Michael have come to a fork in the road. Will they hold hands and travel the same road or go their seperate ways forever. Lies and secrets are revealed, as the young couple tries to fight the contradiction between the heart and the mind. "Four Years"

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Christmas Wish

One year after his wife's Christmas Eve murder, Asia is on the brink of suicide, when he is approached by a stranger who convinces him that he can reunite him with his wife. Asia accepts the deal, only to discover the catch: He must relive the day of her death over and over again in order to be with her.
The film stars actor James Avery from "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

Directed by LAW

A Christmas Wish

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Short Film Corner: Shannon Again

Directed by: Jhoe Davis

She Dump Him for Another Girl!! Filmed in Astoria, Queens and written for YouTube's Project Direct Competition

(Rules: 1. A character must face a situation beyond their maturity level. 2. A photograph must be passed from one character to another. 3. Film must include the line 'I demand an explanation for these shenanigans. What do you have to say for yourself?)

For more go to: or go here

Short Film Corner: Olga's Sisters

Short Film Corner: Haunted

Dirty Job Films is a production house here in Milwaukee, along with producing short films the owner Ross Bigley has made his first feature film.

Short Film Corner: Fancy Nancy

Here is a clip from the world of Miss Fancy Nancy

To see more go here

Short Film Corner: New York Blood

New York Blood (movie trailer)
Directed by Nick Oddo

Short Film Corner: An Irish Slight Of Hand

Episode 6: A Slight of Irish Hand

Episode 3: Monitor Your Super Glue

Episode 2: Lettuce for World Peace

Episode 4: Mipsy Comes Out

Episode 7: Unemployed Zombie

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