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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Fresh Blood On The Indie Circuit: Michael Arndt

Title: Michael Arndt

Stats: Wrote the Screenplay Little Miss Sunshine. Nominated for an Academy Award. Lives in New York City.

Like every struggling writer out there Micheal Arndt was doing all he can to create the best script out there. He had no agent to guide him nor did he have any Hollywood connections to give him a helping hand. Instead, he decided to take a year off to write the script of a lifetime. Low and behold, it became the script of his career. He got his agent and a deal 14 months later. In 2006 Little Miss Sunshine was one of the most successful independent films of that year. It also was the only film that truly resonated with audiences. So much so, that the film is now a Best Picture Nominee for an Academy Award.

Little Miss Sunshine is the story of Olive, a little girl who wants to win the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. Her highly dysfunctional, yet loveable family support her and all decide to drive to California to pursue her dream. Throughout the ride, they run into several obstacles and adventures that takes you on a journey that you truly do not want to end. It's one of the funniest, original, and thought-provoking comedies of the year and merits amazing performances by each ensemble cast member.

This is Micheal Arndt's first screenplay. We look forward to SEEIN more of his work on the big screen. He's certainly someone to look out for!

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