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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Indie Pick O' The Day: 30 Years To Life

Wow. This movie is FUNNY. The NYIndieSeen stafferz are all in their twenties, but age has no boundaries when it comes to relating to the characters in this movie.

30 Years To Life is about a group of six New Yorkers throughout the course of a year celebrate their 30th birthdays. However, each cope with their rite of passage in their own way. They think about issues of marriage, mortality, and their careers.

Out of the six friends:

Two are a couple who have issues with commitment and marriage

One is a former playboy, trying to do right by women and change his serial dating and casual sex habits

One is an opportunistic woman striving to climb up the corporate ladder while trying to find the "perfect" Mr. Right

One is a struggling stand-up comedian who feels he's gettin too old to relate to his audience as a bonafide entertainer

One is a woman who struggles with her weight and body image for years and undergoes a dramatic makeover

Funny film by first time director Vanessa Middleton. It's a talented piece of work for her first feature.

The film stars Tracy Morgan, Paula Jai Parker, Kadeem Hardison, and Allen Payne. A large majority of the film's cast members are native New Yorkers.

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