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Sunday, August 26, 2007

10 Reasons I Like Shia LaBeouf

1. He's hot.

2. He's got a corny yet still cool sense of humor which I likez.

3. His parents are hippies.

4. He can take a bottle of Hypnotic to tha head

5. He's hot.

6. He was in that Project Greenlight movie "Battle Of Shaker Heights" and was so excited about being in a craptacular film with a craptacular director. Humility took over a bad career move. Gotta respect that just a skotch.

7. Did I menti
on he's hot?

8. I mean damn you go from Even Stevens to Disturbia to a big ass blockbuster summer movie and now to the most awaited movie sequels of all time??

9. Uhhh....he's hot??

10. He's unchartered Hollywood territory. A "virgin" to the industry so to he's still waiting to get his cherry popped!!

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