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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Coffee, Chocolate, and Wine...A Nice Combo

So are you busy working on your latest screenplay but you roommates are making too much noise for you to focus?? Do you need something to whet your appetite while you get your creative juices flowing? Need a place for a meeting with a fellow filmmaker?

Look no more. Check out Cocoa Bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Located at: 228 7th avenue (between 3rd and 4th street)
It's cool casual and the pastries are delish! I'ts better to go in the evening rather than the day, cuz alot of Park Slope mommies and daddies like to bring their kids---which can be obviously distracting.
But if you need a glass of wine to relax or a cup of java to energize this is the place to be.

A new one just popped up in Manhattan! Yes! It's located at: 21 Clinton Street New York, NY 10002 (between Houston and Stanton)(212) 677 7417

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