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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Let me tell you bout yo' self: Isaiah Washington

I just want ALL yall to know that this sistah right here only rides a wit a manual transmission, you know what I'm sayin? So when my gurl Tawandala wanted to take me to the Gay Pride Parade this weekend I was like..."hell to tha naw!"

But what should I happen to notice while watchin VH-1's Charm School ?(dem crazee chickenheads) I saw a news piece bout Isaiah Washington gettin all outta whack cuz he got fired from dat Grey's Anatomy joint.

I mean, I really never watched da show and never got what the whole big deal wit why so many folks like seein it. But I'm bout TYED a listenin to the news about him and da white dude TR Knight talkin about how the F word got used and he's against gay folks an all dat. I'ma keep it real, when I first heard about what happened, I wanted to look out for a brotha, cuz how many black doctors do you see on TV these days? And many black heart surgeons?? ZACTLY.

So then I decidez to read up on what's happenin cuz he used the F word again at da Golden Globes..that's when I was like...alll heeelll naw! I was thinkin I'm sorry brotha but you done put yo foot in yo mouth and now itz time ta go! Okaaayy? So even tho he went to rehab, made a public apology on a PSA, and supposedly worked wit Gay activists on for community work, I STILL wanted his ass fired!

Then Shonda (sista gurl) decides to be bold and let him go. Bout damn time! Now the brotha coulda just walked away quietly and hooked up wit his boy Spike Lee and do anotha movie. I mean damn how many Spike Lee movies has Isaiah been in anyway?

But what does this brotha decide to do??? He goes out on a rant (yea das my big word for tha day) and decides to call out TR Knight and tell the world that HE was the one that started this all in tha first place. That the cute lil gay boy conspired (mmm hmm Ima on a roll today) against him to get fired from the beginning and he was using the gay slur as a means to let him go.

Wha?? I mean is he forreal? I'm sorry Isaiah but you put yo foot in yo mouth not once but TWICE. Then you got that blond gurl from that Knocked Up movie sayin that you was wrong for callin her boy Knight dem names. You see what happens?

Isaiah---do us ALL a favor. Shut your ass up! Just don't speak. Cuz it seems like everytime you speak, you dig yoself in a deeper grave than before. Why don't start a career as a mime? They don't talk. It may do you some good brotha. And before you go why don't you roll wit me and my gurl Tawandala and go to tha Gay Pride Parade this weekend. I decided after writin you this letta that I'ma go. I'm here in NYC right now. Why don't u just hop on a jet from L.A. and come wit me to help redeem yoself.

I'm sure there's some fine brothas there. Even know we all know you don't roll dat way.

Truly Yours : Shaniqua, Alvarez, Jenkins

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