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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Blogumentary Time: Sicko!

Michael Moore does it again. He comes out wit a one-sided bias documentary about a controversial issue that effects every American. This one is called Sicko. I have to say though, I've watched Moore's infotainment documentaries over the years, and I have yet to see Sicko, but something tells me that this is probably one of his most honest films to date.

Lets put aside partisan politics for awhile and focus on an issues that effect ALL of us.


We're not tryin to get all political on this blog, but it kinda sucks to know that even those of us who carry health insurance, we may not be "fully covered" by our insurance company. Unfortunately insurance companies take a loss of they focus more on patient care rather than profit coverage. So that's what Moore set out to do in this documentary. It illustrates how we as Americans who live in the wealthiest country in the world has by far the worst health care. Which sux ass if you ask me.

It will be released soon and I'm sure it will be just as controversial as Fahrenheit 9/11...well maybe not THAT controversial. But just the same, it will provoke conversation.

Like him or hate him, Moore knows what the hell he's doing by making movies that calls attention to the general public.

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