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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Show Of The Summa

This show is the shizNIT! So appreantly during the summer months there is very little intellectually stimulating programming on TV....well there ain't if you have HBO!

I mean, I don't even know why it took me so damn long to get into this show, but this show is BANGIN! It's really intuitive into the world of Hollywood and the life of celebrity. I LOVE the Kevin Dillion character Johnny "Drama" Chase. This dlister actor riding on the coat tails of his super star brother Vincent Chase---I personally refer to him as "sexy ass".

Adrien Grenier is hot! A friend of mine saw him once in person here and she told me he's even hotter in person...

Don't doubt that for a minute.

Did yall see Sunday's last episode? My cure for The Sopranos is now ENTOURAGE.

Thank you HBO for giving me a reason to hang onto my subscription.

The show airs every Sunday nite at 9p.m. on HBO

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