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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NYIndieSeen Movie Review: Oil & Water

The movie Oil & Water stars Rosemary Gore as Gabby, a Hollywood gossip columnist, who finds herself in a compromising situation with Dan Lake played by Peter LaVilla. The two are exactly like the film's title...they're oil and water and their chemistry together as hosts of a show called "Movie/Celebrities" just don't mix.

After some major backbiting between the two they realize that their animosity towards one another is really just sexual tension, and the two find that they are attracted to one another. The production secretary at the show named LuLu seems oddly attracted to BOTH Gabby and Dan. Unfortunately there is no hot girl-on-girl action that occurs between the two. Or any hot threesome action for that matter.

Rosemary Gore just so happen to share the same surname as our former Vice President. She ALSO just so happens to be his distant cousin. Awesome.

The film has its opportunities. It's my nice way of saying there is room for improvement in some scenes. The production value falls flat when boom shadows are caught in some scenes and audio levels change from shot to shot. The DP could have done a better job in lighting some locations a little better too. The acting is a little stiff, but I can see some major potential from these players.

I must admit, the Dan Lake character has a great look for film. So does the Marty Resnick character--he should totally play the role of Andy Warhol one day. Rosemary herself is great to look at and it's a good effort by all.

The film is in distribution and you can check the red links in this blog for more information.

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