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Monday, January 29, 2007

Whatever Happened To? Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze. Yum. Whenever you think of the name Patrick Swayze only one movie comes to mind....Dirty Dancing. The film is not really known for being an indie per se, but its a film that stays indelibly printed of the minds of filmLovers everywhere. We think of Johnny Castle and poor little naiive Baby making out in the dance studio and seeing them dance up a storm at in the final scene of the movie.

But our question here at NYIndieSeen is: What happened to Patrick Swayze?

Well he came out with a few hits after that. Remember Next Of Kin? Or the famous booty scene in Roadhouse? Ok ok, well maybe this one will jog your about Ghost? Now we're talkin. Well it seems like after he hit the skinz with Demi in that movie his career sorta...plummeted. Damn I guess Demi does have that effect on people...just look at Ashton Kutcher's career.

Well he did come back with that awesome surfer movie Point Break, but then Keanu said that line in the movie that will later become Patick Swayze's own fate...."He's Not Comin Back". And you know what? Swayze never came back? He left without telling us. Where did you go baby?

He did make some attempts at indie flicks such as Black Dog, Letters From A Killer, and Donnie Darko. He made an appearnace in the revolting film as a dance instructor in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Uggh! How could he do that?!? Then he just sorta fell off. Why? We liked you? You looked sexy in those tight azz black spandex. Oh wellz.

What Really Happened To Patrick Swayze?

He got Old.

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