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Monday, January 29, 2007

IndieSeen Favorite: Jennifer Beals

I never really understood why the Goddess Jennifer Beals wasn't a much bigger star than she is. I mean, she's a great fucking actress;
she's Gorgeous, like-able and intelligent. She has this sort of calming effect when she speaks.
I hear that stern but comforting Beals voice and it makes me feel that all is right with the world. she soothes, like calamine Lotion, or a nice spliff.
Yet somehow, since her breakout turn as an aspiring dancer in the now Iconic, 1983 film: Flashdance, the leading lady spot-light has eluded her.

Since Flashdance she has consecutively delivered solid performances in lower budget indie films like: :'In the soup", "the Aanniversary Party', or "Roger Dodger".
she's also had smaller knockout roles in bigger budget pictures like "Devil in a blue Dress" ( where she smoldered) and John Grishams "Runaway jury."
yeah there's been some stinkers, the Prophecy 2, Catch that kid, but dammit if she was offered the better roles that she deserves, then she wouldn't have to settle for that sort of dreck.
She's too good for it.

Many people have only recently gotten to see how amazing she is as an actress; subtle , intense, incredibly natural, thanks to the hit (and unfortunately shark Jumped since season 2), lesbian drama the L-Word, where she plays the tough as nails Bette porter.
In my opinion she's always been the best thing about the show, ( that, and all the hot girl-on-girl action, Oh and Foxy Brown).

I've tried to understand why the bigger roles have'nt come flooding to her thus far, this woman has been in the game for over 20 years and it's still a pleasure to see her name unexpectedly appear in the credits of a film I'm watching.
She is Joy, she is a breath of fresh highly talented Air.

I cant possibly comprehend why somebody like Renee zellweger can annoyingly pout and squint her way into super stardom, but my girl Jen can't catch a break.

Whats the damn problem?,
is it a racial thing? is there an issue with placing a biracial actress into leading roles?
is she not black enough?, Not white enough?
is their worry that there isn't a big enough audience to identify with her, and eventually want to support her films?
Well I'm gonna take this time to officially put out there, that I am willing to support any damn thing, the bealster shows up in. ANYTHING, I don't care what it is.

This fabulous bitch could show up in the next Adam Sander meets Dane Cook meets Andy dick Meets the Wayne's brothers meets Louie Anderson meets Carrot top meets Jamie Kennedy, Meets Jessica Simpson Irritata-Palooza road trip buddy comedy and I would still be there front and center of the isles with my popcorn and sour patch kids rearing to Go.

Maybe she just has crappy representation, Whatever the case, this beautiful queen deserves much better, She Needs to have an Oscar hanging on her mantel in her home, period.
She deserves it for being so bloody fabulous,

When is the damn academy; going to start taking my One man letter writing campaign, to add a Most fabulous Bitch category seriously?
I mean geeez Ben, fucking, Affleck has an Oscar (sorry Jamie).
surely they can find someway to get one to tha Beals.
Maybe then those Bridget Jones roles will finally come calling.

cause we know that they're sure as hell overdue.

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