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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

SEEN O' The Day: The Lost Boys

Ahhhh remember the 80s? Wasn't life so much simpler back then? I mean the movies that came out of that time period were like fucking instant classics you know what I'm talking about : The Wraith, Short Circuit, Weird Science, 3 o'clock High we all grew up watching these masterpieces. I remember they use to show 'em constantly on channell 11 back before it was the "WB" and they used to just air old movies. Most of them were cheesy as hell, but who cares they were still Aces.

Here's one of my personal favorites: The Lost Boys , bad fucking ass!, they are currently talking about doing a sequel to this one but Whatevezz, its all about the original.

Remember the bathtub scene with lil Corey Haim singing? back when he was still a Hearthrob?

Have you seen Corey now? What the hell happened? Years of Coke parties and cheap hookers have finally caught up with him, and what was the deal with the Other one, the one that used to chill with Michael jackson all the time?
you knoowww that ass got worked out.
Maybe we should write a "Whatever Happened To?" blog about The Coreys!

In the meantime...heres the scene

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