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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Indie Seen Favorite: Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell, can I tell you how much i used to love this girl?
Anybody remember that period in the mid to late 90's when Scream had just come out and became this huge hit, and everybody was talking about the resurgence of the horror genre and Hollywood's new focus on the teenage demographic.
Entertainment weekly, Newsweek and every other publication at the time did articles with titles like "Teen Steam" and the "New Hollywood Brat pack".
then the WB started focusing on angsty whiny teens with issues and Jennifer love hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, And those Dawsons Creek kids became like mega stars over night.
All these 17 magazine cover Kids started Popping up in a different teen-Flick a week: remember The Faculty, She's All that, 10 thing I Hate about you, Disturbing behaviour, Can't hardly Wait?
yeah, yeah you do, and I'm sure you have some of these gems hidden in your DVD collection too .

well one of the earliest insta-stars to come out of that whole craze was Canadian Actress
Neve Campbell.
At the time she was the star of the mega successful Scream Franchise, where she played perennial stalker victim Sydney Prescott, and the Hit Fox series Party of Five (it was All about the third season of Party of Five) which lead to her being honored as "the most believable teenager on television" by Time Magazine.

I think I may have been a bit obsessed with this one at the time. I'm not sure why. she had these cute little quirks about her.
Like she would touch her face all awkwardly in every other scene, or make these weird arm motions during a dramatic moment.
At the time I thought those were Majorly adorable traits, but looking back at it I've come to realize that those were the signs of a Not so good actress. She did basically the same thing in the whole series of P05, The Craft, and the Scream Sequels.

in 1998 she was sick of playing the sweet girl next door roles and went all bad ass in the excellent John Mcnaughton film Wild Things, where she played bisexual schemer Suzie Toller.
that film became most notable for that skinemax moment of a threesome with Denise Richards, Campbell and Matt Dillon in a sleazy hotel room.
The Movie was a guilty pleasure, critics loved it and Neves "Q" went up a few notches.
Not so well received however was her next turn in the abysmal and reportedly heavily altered Disco themed film 54, the film starred Ryan Phillippe as a go-go boy who gets caught up in the drugs and glam of the infamous 1970's club. For a film that took place in the debauchery of 54 it was surprisingly tame and boring. It was a choppy confusing mess and they also reportedly cut out some hot man on man action between Ryan Phillippe and Breckin Meyers in the movie (Blasphemy!!)
In it Neve Campbell played some sort of Soap Actress who becomes Phillippe's love interest.. nevermind the fact that they had absolutely no chemistry together, but the relationship in the film felt tacked on and Wholly unnecessary.
The Film bombed and deservedly so.
Neves next Mistake was as the Female lead in a Mathew Perry comedy
Three to tango.
I personally adored this movie, cause Neve was in it at her awkwardly cute best, but I was able to step back and see that had she not been in the film I would have seen it for what it really was, A predictable schmaltzy Hollywood Rom-Com that wasn't particularly Funny, but props to Oliver platt who costarred as a sassy gay guy, and managed to come away from this one mostly unscathed. (honestly Oliver Platt should play a sassy gay guy in every crappy movie that comes out. It would make it ten times more digestible

Examp: "From Justin to Kelly To Oliver," I love it)

After the End of her television series Party of Five in 2000, Neve saw herself delving into more Independent Film roles, which is always the sign of an actress attempting to be taken seriously. she was rewarded with critically acclaimed turns in "Investigating Sex", Robert Altman's "The Company" and the Henry Bromell film "Panic" opposite William H Macy.
while the critics noted that her technique had been improving remarkably, her lack of a

bona-fide hit movie in some time or particularly interesting personal life lead to the significant Dimming of her star wattage and she basically fell off of every ones Radar.

Neve campbell, is still out there working in indie movie land, I'm not sure if this is now by choice or because she has no other options. but she recently appeared in the James Toback film "When will I be Loved" where she was subjected to Mainly Favorable reviews. ( its also the first movie where she throws away that pesky no nudity clause she had and gets butt ass naked).
she also appears in the straight to video Danny Devito Comedy Relative strangers and is set to costar in the Drama "The Death of Harry Tobin" in 2008.

Honestly I'm not sure where things went wrong with this one, Actually yeah I kind of do. Alot of people I used to confess my love for her too would always complain about how she was so annoying, and couldn't act and had an irritating voice.
Then we'd inevitably get into a heated shouting match about it, in a fit of rage someone would "accidentally" get stabbed with that scissor that was laying on my desk and I would have to hide the bodies. It was an incredibly tacky habit.
but now that i think about it in the beginning she could get a little annoying, no matter what movie i was watching

It was always me watching "Neve Campbell" Act in a movie. (except when it came to her turn in that awful Blind Horizon movie and then it was me falling asleep to Neve Campbell acting in a movie.)

its not to late for Neve to make a comeback, I mean she's still cute, she could go for that whole Sandra bullock awkward leading lady thing, pop up in some goofy romantic comedies.
First of course, she'll have to do Scream 4 to get her name back out there, maybe start Banging Ashton Kutcher or Wilmer Valderlamya or something or get into some asinine feud with Posh spice to get back in to the papers,

(why posh spice?, why not?)
and Viola' she's BACK.
it's that easy!
So Neve. Start Banging and hopefully will be seeing you on the big screen again soon.

Love ya bitch!

P.S. Why are they taking forevez to release season 3 of Party of Five on DVD, I mean WTF!!
Lets get it together people!


Anonymous said...

OMG I loved Neve Campbell! And it was also around the "Scrsm" phase too! Wow I thought I was the only one who adored her after that movie. What happened to her though? She kinda fell off...

Anonymous said...

I can't get past the endless stream of spelling errors and haphazard capitalization long enough to read this. It's a real shame, because this blog has some potential to be interesting. If you want to attract a bigger readership (one that includes writers and lovers of the written word), you might want to step it up a notch.

Best of luck to you.

Melvin crougar said...

dude it's a blog, not a term paper. I'm sure you can comprehend what is being written thats all that matters.
i cant stand people that nitpick over shit like that
its not that serious

NyindieSeen Staff said...

This is a blog for movie enthusiast and Filmmakers. its not really designed for writers and "lovers of the written word". All are definelty welcome and embraced but, I think we'll stick with our formula for now

thanks for the tip sweety