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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Indie Pick O The Day: The Good Girl

Directed By Miguel Arteta

What a great movie. It's a sweet moderate paced romantic comedy about a girl Justine (Jennifer Aniston) who wants to start a family with her husband Phil played by John C. Reilly. Unfortunately, Justine is unable to have children. She's frustrated with her marriage, her job, and her life and meets the always-so-hot Jake Gyllenhaal (Holden). She OF COURSE falls for him instantly and the two share a passionate love affair. Its a whole new world for her and OF COURSE a sexual awakening in which she becomes submerged in her love for Holden and later sees the circumstances of her extramarital affair and where it soon leads them.

It's cute, quirky, funny, and honest. Each of the characters are unique in their own way, and completely eccentric. Yet you feel as if you can relate to them at some capacity. The film was well written and a the direction was flawless. Quite honestly, anyone can find themselves in the same situation as Justine and maybe some of us already have but are afraid to admit it. The story speaks to living your life to the fullest and ignoring the consequences of your long as it is with "good" intentions.

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