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Thursday, July 17, 2008

An IndieSeen Favorite Gets Arrested

So for those of you who haven't heard an IndieSeen favorite was arrested this past weekend in Shreveport, LA. Actor Jeffrey Wright and actor Josh Brolin were arrested along with five other member's of Oliver Stone's film crew on Sunday.

The film simply titled "W." is about guess who...the jackass who is currently running this country. Anyways, police were called to the Stray Cat bar after 2 a.m. to deal with a rowdy patron, the Shreveport Times reports. Brolin, Wright and several others reportedly tried to halt the officers' involvement in the brawl and were later charged with interfering with police.

According to reports, there is video of the incident. It reportedly shows Jeffrey getting tasered and pepper sprayed several times by the cops as he lay on his stomach in the street. WTF??!?? They pepper sprayed Jeffrey Wright? WTF is wrong with this country when you taser and spray down a Golden Globe Award winning actor??!? Did these cops not know who the hell they were dealing with? I hate cops.

A Brolin insider told the Daily News that Josh was not involved in a physical scuffle, as several news outlets previously reported. "He was released very soon after the incident," the source said. "It was not a bar fight. It wasn't a physical situation."

Of course Josh Brolin doesn't have a finger layed on him...I guess the local cops were a fan of his role in American Gangster as the seedy NY cop. I guess they could relate to that an all and decide to let him go without a fight. Brolin was released from jail after paying $334 bail; Wright wasn't listed in police booking records as of Saturday evening.

"W," Stone's story on the life and presidency of George W. Bush, began filming in Shreveport in May. Brolin plays President Bush and Wright plays former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Elizabeth Banks and Thandie Newton also star in the film, but were not involved in the incident. Now why the hell couldn't they have arrested Elizabeth Banks?? Just kiddin...I kinda like her in 40 Year Old Virgin...but still that would have been funnier if she could have got in the slammer. Then she can just act all weird and derranged towards the female innmates like she did in the movie. But who knows...that may turn them on.

Courtesy of NY Daily News and Dlisted

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