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Saturday, March 10, 2007

An Updated Indie EXperience: Begging For Billionaires

Begging For Billionaires

Some upcoming news concerning Begging for Billionaires, We are starting to pick up publicity and the media is starting to pay attention to this little documentary. Which takes a hard look at the abuses of Eminent Domain in America and the aftermath and fall out of the Kelo case in front of the Supreme Court. Using the Midwest as a backdrop of two of the 10 worst abusers of eminent domain, and follows two families going through the eminent domain process and being forced out of their family property all in the name of economic development. We will be on Freedom ring on March 12 between 9:15 and 10:00 a.m. central time discussing the documentary. You can listen to the show over the Internet at Other good news, Tom Goodkind, our composer formally of the Washington squares, Has arranged the Church street school for music art children’s chorus and the tri battery pops from the lower east side of New York will be singing and playing amazing grace as the opening theme song. This will all be out on a soundtrack for Begging for billionaires coming out next year. Tom Goodkind will also be interviewed on CNN this week about the documentary. More info on that later.

Philip Klein
Executive producer and Director
Limelight Cinema Group LTD.

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