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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Klepto Queen: Winona Ryder

What can I say about this woman? She's not exactly what I would call the smartest grape on the vine, but she's actually a pretty good actress. Now I remember Winona Ryder from back when she was in the little comedy Beetlejuice. Then I remember she was the pedophilliac lover to Dennis Quaid in the Jerry Lee Lewis biopic Great Balls Of Fire! However, who could forget Veronica Sawyer in Heathers? I mean honestly, I totally wanted to be Winona Ryder back in the 80's. She had Christian Slater to kiss and make out with in that film. Then after she starred in Edward Scissorhands, she was dating Johnny Depp in real life. Hotness.

From one film to the next she was with the hottest co-stars. Keanu Reeves, Ethan Hawke, and hell she even got to kiss Angelina Jolie! Double hotness.

Then she kinda started to fade and looked unkempt and frumpy. I wondered what happenend to the cute, short haired, perky-faced Winona? She just lost her spunk, her charm, her career.

I started to wonder what the hell happened to this girl. Then I heard on the news that she got caught stealing at Saks 5th Ave in Beverly Hills. WTF?? When did Miss Ryder decide to go all klepto on us? This fool is making millions of dollars and she's now stealing? Are you for real?

I just couldnt believe it. The girl I once looked up to and thought that maybe just maybe she was wasn't going to be just another dumb Hollywood trick, she pulls a TRICK on all of us! Oh well. So I guess she's slowly (in baby steps I must say) trying to make a comeback on her movie career. Mr. Deeds and Scanner Darkly are just a couple films she made after her post 5 finger discount faux pah.

Should we lose all hope for Winona? I'm on the fence, I want to forgive her, but sometimes I wonder is she's gonna do something stupid again. I hope not....maybe we can go back in time to 1989 when people actually gave a shit about Winona Ryder.


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