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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Indie Pick O' The Day: Dead Alive

Dead Alive (aka Braindead) is a movie that is good, gory, goofy, horrific fun.An early film by Peter Jackson the movie contains no big names and acting that isn't the greatest. So why should anyone see this film? It's just good ol' fun. Set in 1950's New Zealand we follow a mama's boy named Lionel. His mama is far from sympathetic. In other words she's a cruel, selfish bitch who keeps a tight leash on her gawky awkward son. A Hispanic girl named Paquita develops a crush on Lionel and they see each other secretly arranging a date to the local zoo.

At the beginning of the film poachers abduct a Sumtran rat monkey from an isolated area in New Zealand and it lands in the zoo. This rat monkey's bite turns those who were once alive into the walking undead. Well while mother is sneaking around and spying on her son's date she gets bitten by the Sumtran rat monkey (and I say thank goodness the bitch got it first). When mommy gets sick and becomes a zombie Lionel tries to cover it up and lock her in the basement. Let's just say it doesn't work. Before we know it the nurse, some greasers, and even a priest become zombies. And while a smart person would have killed them by shooting them in the head Lionel decides to start a zombie collection in his basement. (And I'm sure his house reeked) He keeps them in line by injecting them with animal tranquilizer. After the funeral for Lionel's mother, his uncle Les tries to embezzle Lionel's inheritance after he discovers the collection of bodies in the basement. Lionel promises to give Les the mansion and the money if he doesn't go to the police. So Uncle Les decides to celebrate his new found fortune by throwing a good ol' fashioned house party. Needless to say the zombies get out of the basement and wreak havoc. This is when the real fun begins.

Peter Jackson's seamless editing and special effects on a low budget are amazing. There are parts of the film where I had to say "How did he do that?" It looked real. You barely can tell when it cuts from an actor to a dummy. It's seamless. It's brilliant. And this movie is far from terrifying. It's more of comic horror. There were parts when I was rolling from laughter. I must admit however it is not for those who are queasy or have a weak stomach. This film is very gory but the humor balances it out. Best quote from Dead Alive "I kick ass for the Lord".

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