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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

IndieSeen Favorite: Parker Posey

Love her or hate her Parker Posey is the queen of independent cinema. She has appeared in over 40 different indie films and counting. She has this quirky, eccentric attitude that she brings to a lot of the characters in the roles she play. Sometimes her characters annoy the hell out of you. Sometimes you wish you could BE her character. Either way, we love Parker because she supports indie cinema and is the reason why countless numbers of individuals watch and uphold all that is indie!

The first notable appearance she made on film was in the Richard Linklater classic Dazed and Confused. However I fell for Parker when she appeared as the girl who takes on New York City in the indie cult classic Party Girl. Who didn’t want to be her in that film? We all admire to some
capacity being the popular player and the life of the party. She embodied all this is cool is this flick. She went on to star in other indie hits such as Sleep With Me and Gregg Araki’s androgynous sexual film Doom Generation.

Then for the first time Parker teamed up with Christopher Guest. She starred in the 1996 mockumentary Waiting For Guffman. A hilarious comedy about a small town who puts on a pageant, despite the residents lack of theatrical or stage performance experience. Posey proved to all of us that she is amazing to watch with a minimal amount of script dialogue to adhere to, for Guest is known for using mainly improv in his mockumentaries.
The House Of Yes is another personal favorite of mine. In the film she plays a woman who is obsessed and thinks she is Jackie Kennedy and has a creepy
“incestuous-like” relationship with her brother Marty who brings his fiancĂ©e with him to visit the family. It’s a fun dysfunctional family type flick. And no one can play dysfunctional behavior better than Parker Posey. I also really liked her in Clockwatchers which explores the lives of four temps who are tired of their white collar office job.

I could go on and on about countless films that she had been in that I adored. She recently was seen in Superman Returns as Kitty and her character I must say was really the only interesting character to watch during that entire film. If it were not for Parker Posey, I probably would have fallen asleep.

She can frequently be spotted here in Manhattan. She’s often seen hanging out in Union Square and spotted shopping at the Whole Foods Store in that area. We suspect she has an apartment down there. She is currently filming the Chinese thriller remake of The Eye which is about a girl who is recently cured of her blindness, can now see images of the supernatural.

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