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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Making Movies: By Sidney Lumet

What better way to get insight about filmmaking from none other than a popular Golden Globe winning director who has a successful career span over 50 years? The book Making Movies by Sidney Lumet is one of the most in-depth books about the filmmaking process. He shows why fine directors need to have strong imaginations, extraordinary adaptability, and skill in many different fields. His enthusiasm for his life's work, particularly his love of actors, is evident on every page of this book.

He also talks about the relationship a director should have with their actor before and during the filmmaking process. You can tell by Lumet’s lucid and vivid descriptions of the role of a director how passionate he truly is about his art.
Lumet also states in the book that directing is what you make of it. Establishing a great rapport with your actors, the writer, production designer, DP, etc are all essential in making a great movie!

I read this book in film school, and there are A LOT of boring books out there about the film production process. This is certainly not one of them! It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to become a director, and its rare to get such in-depth insight from a filmmaker with a successful career of over 50 years! A MUST READ!

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