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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Indie Pick 'O" The Day: Ken Park

Larry Clark's 2002, return to big screen scandolocity: Ken Park attempts to shock and awe its way into relevance.
By putting on a facade of gritty realism it attempts to convince its viewer that they are experiencing a work of artistry, as opposed to Clark's signature blatant exploitation, long unnecessary camera focus on characters genitals and naked bodies are no longer daring or particularly entertaining when you begin to expect it as one does with a Larry Clark film.

the scenes showing an actual character urinating or masturbating isn't particularly shocking in a Clark Picture these days, its par for the course and one wonders what he could possibly attempt next to sustain his edgy director cred.

The plot follows 3 friends of a character Ken Park, who commits suicide early on in the film, One, a doe eyed slacker ,
James Ransone, who spends his day with auto asphyxiation when he's not abusing his two elderly parents.
Another Shawn, played by
James Bullard, whose dealing with a violently disapproving father who hides a pivotal secret and, Peaches, played by Clark favorite Tiffany Limos, whose mothers death leaves her in the care of her frantically religious and overbearing father, she lashes out with promiscuous sex when he's away.

Clarks photographic muddying becomes his most interesting trait the cinematography mirroring a photo documentary. That's to be expected with Clarks photo background, and it does add an authenticity to such dark, abysmal subject matter.
though the acting is weak, mostly because of the inclusion of amateur actors that Clark discovered while shopping a skate park. The realistic (possibly real) sex scenes, and everyday dialog make this one a worthwhile study in informality

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