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Friday, February 2, 2007

It Didn't Suck!

So remember last night under the blog "Extraneous Stuff" there was a play starring Tom Everett Scott and Johnny Galecki? The name of the play is called The Little Dog Laughed and I must say, it was quite good. It's basically about this Hollywood actor that is struggling with his sexuality and meets a male prostitute that he later falls in love with. It was soooo "Pretty Woman" for the gay community. It was great. It was only a cast of 4 actors but each were pretty phenomenal in their performances. I especially like Julie White's character as the lesbian Hollywood agent who plays beard to the closeted Hollywood actor and tries to add a spin on how she can cover up the fact that he's homosexual. It speaks the truth of Hollywood today and how unfortunately it is still taboo to be a celebrity out of the closet.

THE BEST PART...I repeat, THE BEST PART of this play was the full frontal nudity for both Tom Everett Scott and Johnny Galecki. LoL. Yea, it was hot. Galecki actually had some trouble putting his pants back on and we saw his Da-Wang Wang, for longer than I'm sure was scripted. Hee hee. Yea, so warning: if you decide to see this play, don't bring the kids...they do get nude and simulate a scene of performing oral sex. Not exactly family friendly.

But I enjoyed it, and since there was full frontal nudity with the guys, I am archiving this under "sexy bitches". Cuz it was pretty sexy seein that.

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Anonymous said...

that sounds Hot, I think im gonna see this