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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Extraneous Stuff

One of our NYIndieSeen Staffers is going to an off-Broadway play tonite featuring Tom Everett Scott. You may know Tom from the film That Thing You Do and he is also in the new Mandy Moore (yuck, she's dating Nicole Richie's leftovers) flick Because I said So. I remember him as the stick-up-his-ass boss in Boiler Room though.

Well here is an article about the play of any of you even care.

Johnny Galecki is in it too. Wasn't he DJ from Roseanne? Oh no, that was the lil fat kid. He was Darlene's (closeted lesbian) beard-boyfriend on the show. They had a kid and everything too. So if you're in the city, and you have absolutely nothing else to do (which is rare), then see what's its all about.

We'll let you know if it sucked.

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