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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Indie seen Pic 'O' the day: Another Gay Movie

Fun, Splashy, Unapologetic, Another Gay Movie (written and directed by Todd Stephens) is a Raunchy, Unrelenting, over the top spoof on your typical coming of age high school comedies, like American Pie and Porky's,: as well as Other gay films, like Trick and the Edge of Seventeen (also written by Stephens).
In fact the story is almost a direct copy of the American Pie Plot except with a queer sensibility.
In the film 4 gay pals make a pact to Lose their virginity's before graduation and mad cap Hilarity ensues,
there is a even a scene of a character Violating a baked good Included (only this time a quiche has been substituted for that infamous Pie)
Raunchy and over the top the film provides an overly saturated lollipop colored fantasy land where queerness is no big deal, and "Boys will be boys".
Unlike most gay films it isn't weighted down with that sense of angst or self pity it's not about the struggles of coming to terms with who you are are or dealing with the difficulties of coming out. These Kids Know who they are and have no qualms about what they want.
I found that incredibly refreshing. The movie includes Frank descriptions and depictions of gay sex so if you cant handle , then you shouldn't bother, if you can though, eye candy aplenty to be had from this one.
and I don't know about you but that's all I really need in a movie, a few chuckles and some gratuitous nudity.

there have been some harsh reviews directed at this movie, most of them saying how it sheds a bad light on gay culture and has no particular redeeming value. Well, i disagree with that, I think the non-issue with which it approaches being gay is quite welcome. We have seen these type of characters and behaviour in plenty of straight teen gross out comedies before and I don't think audiences believe that behaviour is reflective of all heterosexuals.
It's just the uppity gay dudes making a big deal out of this one. So Chill out.
the truth is its fun, it's a Popcorn movie and doesn't claim to be anything else.
there are some really vulgar moments that may be a bit much for some, ( the Richard hatch seen was a bit unnecessary). but for the most part its a good time.

Apparently the film has had a successful enough run in the theatres that it has sparked talk of a possible Spring break themed sequel. which is Brills,

definitely be back for another slice of that one.

and Check out this one currently available on DVD

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