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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Chick we Dig: Joy Bryant

This Bronx born former Tommy Hilfiger model, takes the cake.
After making her debut in the 2001 Beyonce led film Carmen, Joy has been knocking out a string of engaging performances in films like, Honey, BadAsss, and Antwon fisher (along side Denzel Washington).
exuding an intelligent confidence this fetching young ingenue has a road map to success just layed out in front of her. though she misstepped by appearing in the modern equivalent of the Blaxploitation film (the Gangsta Movie) in the pathetic Get Rich or Die Trying along side 50 cent. However, she seems to be getting back on track with recent roles in the ensemble Drama Bobby, and in the 2005 Hunter Richards film London,

Joy is currently working on the The Ballad of Walter Holmes and we just know we'll have plenty more impressive performances from her, to look forward too.

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