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Friday, February 9, 2007

Instead of Seeing "Hannibal Rising"...


Instead of paying 10 bucks to see Hannibal Rising this weekend go to the video store and save some cash and check out Three Extremes (Saam gaang yi).

It an Asian horror film that does have some cannibalism in it.

It's a cross cultural trilogy of three films from Asia. Japan, China, and South Korea are represented in each of these horror films.
The first story called Dumplings (which is the best one) was actually made into a feature length film that I have yet to check out. So if you're just in the cannibalistic mood, then check out Dumplings.

The other two films are just as scary, one is about a director that is stalked by an over-obsessed former actor and the other is about a woman who is haunted behind the mystery of her sister's tragic death.

The title explains the measures behind the story and they're quite extreme. Each directed by the Masters of horror in Asian cinema it is by far one of the most disturbing films you'll ever see. Especially "Dumplings".

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