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Friday, February 9, 2007

More Ways to get Your Film SEEN


Hey filmmakers! So here are MORE opportunities (aside from NYIndieSeen) to give your film a little bit more visibility.
Dovetail and Libertated Films are two websites that offer filmmakers the opportunity to have their short films viewed online. Unlike YouTube, these are websites solely dedicated to short films and movie trailers.

There are two major differences between each website however. Dovetails is an online distribution company that have short films, documentaries, and features that have already received critical acclaim from several film festival circuits. This website is for viewing and sharing only.

Liberated Films allows you to upload your film onto its website. The films are divided into genres and you can choose to view the film of your choice by clicking on the appropriate genre for your film.
Just another way to get your film put out there!
Contact us at if you want your short film featured here!

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