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Friday, January 12, 2007

Sundance Selling Short Films on iTunes


The short films that usually are seen by relatively few people outside of film festivals may finally find a wider paying audience thanks to a deal announced today (Friday) by the Sundance Film Festival and Apple, Inc. Under the deal, many of the Sundance's shorts will become available for downloading from Apple's iTunes store for $1.99 following the start of this year's festival on Jan. 18.

The films can also be streamed free from the Sundance site for the next three months. In an interview with the Associated Press, John Cooper, director of programming for Sundance, observed, "Streaming on our site is not the same as owning, and there seems to be a world out there for both." A.P. said that the producers of the shorts will receive "the bulk" of the revenue from the downloads, with Apple, the Sundance Institute, and the Sundance Channel sharing the remainder.

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Cyrus said...

Why pay when u got Utube?