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Friday, January 12, 2007

John Waters WANTS K-Fed. Are you serious??

Aiight so this is tha dilly. Apparently K-Fed has a fan. And who could this fan (other than NYIndieSeen Staffer Jamie B)? It's none other than John Waters! The King Of Sleaze adores the Prince Of Sleaze. He even wants to marry him! Here's what Mr. Sleaze had to say
"I’m a big fan of K-Fed - that’s who I want to marry," he says with a laugh. "What did he do that was so wrong? She’s the idiot. She’s the one who gave him the Ferrari. Who gives a Ferrari to rough trade? Who could blame him for taking it? And he looks good whether he’s all cleaned up or long-haired and sleazy."

OOoooh so looks like one of our NYIndieSeen Staffers has John Waters to compete with for Kevin Federline's love and attention! Damn you Waters!! Anyways if KFed wants a movie career he betta cozy up to the infamous Indie filmmaker. Waters could quite possibly make KFed the next hip Indie star. Or he could make KFed the next reject degenerate lackluster poser wannabee in Hollywood...oh wait a minute, KFed is already all of those things. We still luv you KFed!

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Lelee said... what was Kfed's comments to what he said about him??????