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Friday, January 12, 2007

JGL New Movie Alert!!!

So (the Hotness that is) Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a new movie coming out
the film is called The LookOut and its from our old friends at Mirimax.
It's directed by Scott frank: he's the guy that wrote Out of Sight and Get shorty and involves a mentally challenged janitor, played by (the Hotness that is ) Gordon-levitt , who gets involved in a bank heist that goes array. It seems our hero gets way in over his head as things start to spiral out of control.
but heres the thing... I dont care.
I Dont care if the movie was about Time traveling chihuahua's who have to save the world from a pack of rabid Giant Killer Tomatoes. I would STILL be watching this movie.
why?, because (the Hotness that is) Joseph Gordon levitt is in it and therefore it is the greatest movie of all time.
He could be playing the lead in a Louis Farrakhan biopic and I'd still buy it.
He's been incredible in everything he's done post 3rd Rock from the Sun and if ya don't believe me check out Mysterious Skin, Brick and Manic:

that said ,here's hoping that biopic has plenty of full Backal nudity from the Levitts
Oh and THIS Bitch needs to play Mrs Farrakhan.
Actually that killer tomato idea isn't half bad

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Anonymous said...

He is hot!