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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Short Film Corner

Here's another short film from our IndieCrew...check it out:

Tonic is a stop-motion animated film, written, designed, and animated
by Kevin
Vasconcellos, with music composition by Jeff Kurtenacker. It tells the
story of
a young miner named Tom, and his struggle to overcome his insecurities
and lack
of confidence that are preventing him from meeting the women he admires
afar. This story is framed around the Colorado folktale about the
trout, which says that trout started growing hair after a salesman
dropped a
few bottles of hair tonic into a river.

Personal Note from the Director:
This project was a labour of love for me. From the sculpting and
casting of the
foam latex puppets, to the construction of the sets in my Brooklyn
studio, to
the actual animating which I did over a period of a little over 3
months (which
included the set building, since I only had enough space to have one
set up at
a time). I really hope you enjoy the film and get a laugh from it!
that is why I made it.

Official Selection - Las Vegas Music Conference Film Festival
Official Selection - Parsons Animation Festival - 2006

"IFC Media Lab Shorts Uploaded" - Independent Film Channel (Sept. 2006)
610 Dean Studios (Brooklyn, NY) - Open Studio - 2006
Peer Gallery (New York, NY) - Week Long Gallery Show - 2006

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