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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Indie pick 'o' the day: Kidulthood

Hey look its a British KIDS! except without all the gratuitous shirtless scenes.. frank depictions of sex and about 10 years too late.
even after these twelve years passed Larry Clarks' 1996 classic still beats this film in shear audacity, making Menhaj Hudas 2006 British teen slice of life seem like a younger sibling just trying to catch up. Sorry little bro you cant fit big brothers Timbs, if only because he wore them first and rocked them with a lot more purpose.
Kidulthood follows a group of young west London teens throughout a day off,
the result of one of their classmates tragic suicides. What follows is your requisite bored kids with no supervision: drugging, stealing, revenge plots and even a little prostitution thrown in. unfortunately the end result just seems unfinished, coming off more like an episode of the teen drama Skins than any actual "gritty" feature.
It seems too polished, too After School Special to leave you with that unsettling caution that KIDS did all those years ago and that helped make it a pop culture classic.
The young actors seem willing and able but the director just seems to be holding something back. I kept waiting for the ante to be upped but it seems like the film just chickened out.
Apparently Hudas just released a sequel to the film over-seas titled: Adulthood, lets just hope between the previous film and the sequel the film maker has done a little growing up.

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