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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Walk All Over Me 2007

Alberta (Leelee Sobieski) is a naive walking disaster, who somehow keeps repeating her mistakes. Again, finding herself in the middle of a life-threatening situation that moves the story into slapstick mode, that off sets a light and breezy tone. The colorful assortment of characters give the film a bit of life. All and all nothing too serious about this film.
1 star

Cassandra's Dream 2007

Tale of two brothers with extravagant dreams. Facing financial woes and addiction, one becomes obscenely smitten with a young actress; the other is consumed by a mounting gambling debt, which reiterates the fact, that money is the root to all-evil. This film explores themes of hope, love, doubt, crime, family and guilt. This is a real morality melodrama, with great cinematography. Collin Farrell stands out among the rest .Interesting dilemma, situations and characters. Woody Allen does this film at his own pace.
2 1/2 stars

Boarding Gate 2007

An Italian Moll (Asia Argento) has a manipulating, monetary, love-lacking affair with an underworld entrepreneur (Micheal Madison). An erotic thriller with a bizarre love triangle with a touch of what some would call intriguing espionage. Artsy retro B Foreign film, a real slow goer, too much excessive mindless banter. This film crawls to the end.
1 star

Margot at the Wedding 2007

Self-righteous Margot (Nicole Kidman) en route to the wedding of her estranged sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh). This is a wry comedy about psychologically damage people with injured relationships. This film gives off a dry unrealistic dialogue, with characters that seem whiny and flawed, with twisted views, and bizarre behavior. This makes it all the easier to dislike them. Main plot deviates to neurotic side stories, which give the story interpersonal drama.
1 star

Descent 2007

A Quiet college girl savagely raped tries to cope with the demons created from the horrific event, only to descend further from reality. Rosario Dawson (Maya) gives great screen! This film is dark, wicked, steamy and seedy an expected seductive twist that you only have to see for yourself. Examine what happens when the victim finally gets a chance to exact revenge upon her attacker. A pleaser to the end.
3 stars

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