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Friday, September 19, 2008

Early Review: The Lucky Ones

This isn't your average road trip buddy movie. In the wake the of Iraq War, The Lucky Ones tell a story from a fictional perspective about three injured soliders that return home after their tour from Iraq. Cheever (Tim Robbins) finds himself in a compromising situation when there is an unexpected blackout at the airport. All of the flights are cancelled. He runs into TK (Michael Pena) who is looking to go to Las Vegas to meet with a medical pofessional for an embarrassing injury that he refuses to tell his girlfriend about.

Colee (Rachel McAdams), who is a bit of a drifter, recognizes both TK and Cheever from her infantry and is also going to Las Vegas to take a guitar back to the family of a fallen solider who saved her life. When the three realize they are stuck at the airport they make a final attempt to get a car rental and to their dissapointment, every car is rented out. Cheever asks for help and Colee who is very outspoken, mentions they just came back from Iraq. The car rental agent makes an exception for the war heroes and offer them the last car he had initially saved for his boss.

As luck would have it. The three get an opportunity to take an impromptu road trip together.

The film is funny, quirky, and inspiring. It's a movie about trying to find yourself and realizing how time truly can change things and everything is not always what it seems. The characters are easy to like and even grow to love within the 115 minutes of watching this flick. There are some very interesting adventures that happens to each of the 3 soliders on their way to sin city. Each character finds out something different about their past and something new about their future. I like the fact that this film doesn't deliver some obligatory political statement about the state of our national security affairs or about the Iraq war itself. Instead the film has alot to offer with regards to the effects of people as people. It explores the natural and sometimes unnatural course of the human condition. And the film is not as trite as the movie trailer presents it to be.

Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions will release THE LUCKY ONES on Friday, September 26

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