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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Worst Acting Ever!

M Night Shyamalan is a good friend of my head. I've loved his work for years and as of late M Night has dissapointed me. He hasn't delivered the way he has in the past when it comes to making great films with those plot twisters we all once loved.

He was doing well when he made films like The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs. Hell even though alotta critics and other folk didn't like it...I actually cheered for The Village. But then all of the sudden M Night is shooting out craptacular flicks like Lady In The Water and now...The Happening.

Now the story behind the film---which I won't spoil for you is actually not that bad. Unfortunately, the story wasn't executed as well as it could have which made the movie quite poor. The plot had some major potential, but once again my friend in my head just didn't deliver. Now what made this movie smell even worse than the 51st train station on a hot ass day? Mark Wahlberg acting.

Honestly, I was quite surprised that his acting sucked major monster's balls. I thought maybe having an Oscar nomination under his belt proved he was a true thespian. WRONG.

Here is my list of Mark Wahlberg's bad acting moments:

1. What was up with the high pitch voice? Did you guys notice he was trying way too hard to sound like someone was squeezing his crotch?

2. What was up with the way he walked? It was corny and gay.

3. Was he gay? Was the subtext that his character Elliot Moore was a homo? Cuz I totally got the I'm into dudes vibe.

4. Why did he repeat everything someone would say to him? "There's been an accident". "There's been an accident?" "I like playing gay guys who wear mood rings". "You like playing gay guys who wear mood rings?" See what I'm sayin??

5. Why was he so cavalier after people kept dying? Can we see some range of emotion??

6. Why couldn't they have just cast Mark L. Wahlberg instead? Ya know host of Moment Of Truth? Besides the intensity and drama of his line of questioning is more edge of your seat than this film will ever be.

I could go on and on but I'm gonna stop. I just want to let you guys know how dissapointed I was in his acting. Oh wellz...I guess I'll just pop in the my DVD rental of Lost Boys 2. Now that's some real acting!!!

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