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Monday, July 14, 2008

Weird Ass Movies

Here is our list of the weirdest ass movies we've seen so far. There's a lot out may agree or disagree...but these movies are just fuggin weird!!!

Oldboy - A guy is imprisoned for 15 years by a some random hot guy who has an agenda....but the story becomes even creepier when the former prisoner falls for a woman who turns out to be...aiight we won't spoil it for you...but lets just say its WEIRD.

Female Trouble - A spoiled schoolgirl runs away from home, gets pregnant while hitchhiking, and ends up as a fashion model for a pair of beauticians who like to photograph women committing crimes....the spoiled schoolgirl is played by a dude. The legendary Divine.

Heathers - Veronica Sawyer plays "Bonnie" to JD who's her "Clyde" and is fascinated with murder and mayhem. Veronica accidentally finds herself involved in a school killing spree---Veronica like totally didn't mean to kill her best friend Heather and stuff...

Battle Royale - Wow. Wish I wrote this film. A Japanese film about a group of students who are recruited to Battle Royale Island. The kids are assigned to kill each other one by one and whoever survives is the winner! A lesson to juvenile disobedience.

Pumpkin - A girl falls in love with a retard. Nuff said. (excuse our political incorrectness)

Nowhere - This film goes nowhere. A bunch of California teens trippin on acid, consuming X, and have tons and tons of orgy sex. Okay...maybe that is somewhere.

Dumplings - An aging actress tries to maintain her youth by eating steamed dumplings. So what's so weird about that?? It's what INSIDE of the dumplings that gets freaky.

Twin Falls Idaho - Siamese twins and one of the twins fall in love with this goth-like chick. Gets a lil bizarre when the they decide to have sex.

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