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Monday, July 14, 2008

80's Nostaligia Time: Hunk

OMG I sooo remember this movie. I had a total crush on Hunk Golden. He looked exactly like my Ken doll and I remember naming my Ken doll Hunk Golden whenever he took barbie out on dates....uuhhh okay TMI I guess. But remember this movie about this nerd who is a complete loser and wants to become uber cool and makes this deal with the Devil who looks a lil like Kelly Lebrock??? She turns him into a complete hunk!!

So whatever happened to the actor who playd Hunk Golden? I IMDB'ed him and he's not soo hunky anymore. But he could still get it. I'll be his Barbie if asked me to.

Well if you don't remember the movie I posted the trailer to the film below just to refresh. Gawd I miss sappy cheesy 80s movies.

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