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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

SEEN O' The Day: Manic

So haven't we all at one point had this conversation? Whether you're stoned with friends or leaving the movie theater after seeing a great superhero flick somehow the conversation wanders to...
who is the greatest superhero of all time and why? The film Manic is about a juvenile commited to the wing of the Northwood Mental Institution. Several other guys are there with a variety of crazee problems. The hotness that is--JGL plays Lyle, who interacts with other patients and staff on a human, and sometimes not so human level. The psychological problems of the patients also forms the fabric by which we see what's right with them, and what's wrong with the society that affects them.

Look at the moments where JGL looks over at the girl...but its almost like he's flirting with the camera instead. Sometimes he doesn't even have to say anything and his performance is solid. :::SIGH:::

Here is the scene where they discuss at length superheroes and their abilities and inabilities as crime fighters.

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Anonymous said...

JGL is a very talented actor. Not sure why he isn't recognized more