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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Yall SEEN any celebs lately?? We'll fill ya in...

Tilda Swinton or whom I would like to refer to as "Casper" was seen at Broadway and 49th St apparently gettin her hair did

Uma Thurman was seen at 6th Ave and Vandam St. Should we really be posting the whereabouts of Uma?? Well she was filming a movie so tons of security was around. We love you Uma!! No no not in a stalkerish way...c'mon.

Natalie Portman was on Christopher St with a dog...the girl was so tiny she's about the same height as her dog!

An NYIndieSeen staffer caught A TON OF A-LISTERS!!!!

Just to name a few:

Janet Jackson, David Bowie & Iman, Donald Trump, Soph
ia Coppola, Joshua Jackson, TomKat (that's Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes), Beyonce, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Naomi Watts, Julia Roberts and Clive Owen....just to name a few. Okay...maybe Joshua Jackson should be removed from the list---he's more of a C-lister but he was hot so it's worth noting. Where was this NYIndieSeen staffer? At the Costume Gala of course located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Side Note (first-hand account): "So I saw Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen walk on the red carpet. One looked normal with a healthy complexion and the other looked like one of the underground dwellers from The Descent. I immediately guessed that the freak of nature was Mary Kate. I was frightened. I kid you not...scared. I was 2 feet away from her standing next to photogs when she looked into the direction of the cameras and I looked into her piercing eyes. Isn't there some quote that states that eyes are the windows to the soul?? Well whoever said that never met Mary Kate Olsen--she has no soul. I mean her eyes looked lifeless. I'm not one for celebrity bashing I leave that to Perez Hilton or DListed, but I must say, she literally gave me goosebumps...not the nervous kind either."

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